4 days ago

    Build Resilience: Here are the strategies your child needs to cope in the midst of an anxiety epidemic

    Life for our children today can be really tough and full of demands and challenges…
    4 days ago

    Give the army and gardaí the power and technology to fight the drone threat

    According to the founder of regional airline Aer Lingus, the Defense Forces and An Garda…
    4 days ago

    Giovanni returns with a Shadow Regice in Pokémon Go

    IT’S another packed week in Pokémon Go featuring three events. Whether you want to capture…
    4 days ago

    Uh oh! Sony patents NFT trading framework for gaming platforms

    Image: press square Searching publicly available patents is an odd pastime, but it’s one that…


      4 days ago

      The Raines: Meet the supergroup combining musical adventure, motherhood and one very famous husband

      Yvonne Tiernan is remembering the late Paddy Moloney. In the 1990s she ran the Chieftains’ management office in Dublin. One…
      4 days ago

      Dancing With The Stars’ Doireann Garrihy — ‘A chunk of people follow you to have a look, and maybe wait for you to make a mistake’

      People had asked Doireann Garrihy over the years if she would consider taking part in Dancing With The Stars as…
      5 days ago

      Little Green Cars’ and Soda Blonde’s Adam O’Regan and Faye O’Rourke — ‘The focus is on the future. It must be’

      The resurgence in sales of vinyl records has been one of the unexpected highs for the music industry over the…
      5 days ago

      ‘I know I have an audience. It’s a risk, but it’s a well-calculated risk’ – Irish fashion entrepreneurs Rosie Connolly and Aoife McNamara say of building their businesses

      When social media influencer turned entrepreneur, Rosie Connolly Quinn’s husband Paul, found himself without a job due to the Covid…
      5 days ago

      Lorcan Cranitch: ‘The Queen asked me a question. I did a complete eejit on myself but I made her laugh’

      Lorcan Cranitch (63) is an actor known for his great versatility. From Dublin, he trained at RADA, London and went…
      5 days ago

      Blac Chyna’s ‘Makeup One’ Is Proof We’re Moving Away From Fillers And Embracing Facial Freedom

      You may remember Blac Chyna for her modeling work, or you may even be familiar with her as the mother…


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