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    Lamb and meat trade in the Faroe Islands works “like in the Wild West”

    The development of the agricultural sector in the Faroe Islands “is always sacrificed” to protect…
    18 mins ago

    Police patrol Norfolk Square, Brighton, amid anti-social behaviour

    The POLICE have been patrolling a city center square following reports of anti-social behaviour. Brighton…
    25 mins ago

    Like their flags, the full horror of the IRA’s “war” is over their heads

    To no great surprise, Feile an Phobail ended this year, as is now tradition, with…


      30 mins ago

      Red Rose review: The well-made app horror series is a ring for the smartphone generation

      There are only two types of TV shows in this world: the good ones and the bad ones. That is…
      1 hour ago

      MCU franchise moments that still make us angry

      The MCU continues to kill its villains before they have a chance to shine. There are only two exceptions to…
      2 hours ago

      Nipsey Hussle’s family pays tribute to rapper at ceremony after Walk of Fame

      Nipsey Hussle’s family hailed the American rapper as a “one-of-a-kind notorious legend” when he was honored after a star on…
      3 hours ago

      It was Saul that went in the better call of the end of the series Saul

      It’s shocking to think about what happened on “Better Call Saul.” As the show begins, Jimmy’s brother Chuck is a…
      3 hours ago

      Jameela Jamil went ‘from Hollyoaks to Hollywood’ when joining Marvel

      Jameela Jamil said she couldn’t believe she’d gone “from Hollyoaks to Hollywood” as she prepared to join the Marvel Comics…
      4 hours ago

      Jim’s suggestion to have Pam in the office created a divisive argument behind the scenes

      Season 5 producer, writer, and co-presenter Jennifer Celotta described two schools of thought in Greene’s book. “There has been a…


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