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    “Hum time” for all startups, as investment funds make their wallets tighter

    Capital-hungry startups won’t escape the global capital shortage, says Jim Dowling, the Irish founder and…
    13 mins ago

    Motorcyclist in serious condition after crash in Whitehawk

    A MOTORCYCLIST was left with “possibly life-threatening injuries” after being hit by a van. The…
    18 mins ago

    Rail strike affects rail services in Sussex

    TODAY was the first of rail workers’ planned strikes over the weekend. Thousands of workers…
    20 mins ago

    American Airlines deposits money for 20 supersonic jets

    American Airlines has agreed to purchase up to 20 supersonic jets and pay a non-refundable…


      25 mins ago

      Vin Diesel sees the Fast & Furious movie as more than just a franchise

      It would be a great generalization to say that the makers of movie franchises only see them as a glorified…
      1 hour ago

      Sunset movie star Christine Quinn ‘escapes’ from Netflix show

      Christine Quinn’s time on Semi Sunset is said to be over. he is 33 years old, the “villain” of Netflix’s…
      2 hours ago

      The secret garden teaches a generation how to self-soothe

      There’s something truly magical about “The Secret Garden.” Unlike Gillian Armstrong’s “Little Women,” which will be released next year, this…
      2 hours ago

      She-Hulk review: The new Marvel series is a giant explosion of green fun

      As the sage Kermit the Frog once observed, being green is not easy. Just ask the protagonist of the new…
      3 hours ago

      Strangelove’s release led to a mess between Stanley Kubrick and the Studio executors

      While “Dr. Strangelove” was in production, the studio began to move away from the project. Kubrick confronts producer Mo Rothman…
      4 hours ago

      Aidan Turner says: It’s fun to play a character with Parkinson’s

      Aidan Turner said playing a character with Parkinson’s is important to stay on track because you don’t often see protagonists…


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