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    Despite the European Cup win, West Ham are still vulnerable against Brighton

    WEST HAM regained some form ahead of Sunday’s game against Albion in the Premier League.…
    4 mins ago

    Worthing teenager who assaulted father could be freed this month

    THE wife of a father who was brutally beaten by three teenagers while defending a…
    9 mins ago

    Death threats, broken windows, insults and alcohol: Antisocial behavior makes bus drivers and their passengers need help

    Most of us don’t expect our lives to be threatened when we show up for…


      16 mins ago

      House of the Dragon First Look Judging: From Fire and Blood to Nude scenes, it feels like Game of Thrones

      Has there ever been a TV season quite similar to the final premiere of HBO’s blockbuster, Game of Thrones? After…
      57 mins ago

      Vertigo’s signature shot cost nearly $20,000

      Pictures of Paramount Time was spent on Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”. Discarded as dull and average by Critics in 1958“Vertigo” has…
      2 hours ago

      ‘Allo’ Allo! star Vicki Michelle: Comedy is being disabled

      ‘Allo’ Allo! Actress Vicki Michelle said “comedy is being nullified – aka nullified” as she defended the hit BBC wartime…
      2 hours ago

      A bold and brutal story of the women of Westeros

      While much of “House of the Dragon” focuses on political intrigue among the many Westeros, there’s still a lot of…
      3 hours ago

      List of stars featured in The Sandman’s two-part surprise bonus episode

      James McAvoy, David Tennant, Michael Sheen and Sandra Oh will star in two new awards for The Sandman TV series,…
      4 hours ago

      Sandman’s Secret Rewards Episode Now Streaming on Netflix

      When compared to other arcs in the main manga series “Sandman”, “Dream Country” is a bit misleading. Instead of telling…


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