3 mins ago

    Brighton player ratings after 0-0 draw against Newcastle

    This is how the Albion players rated the 0-0 draw against Newcastle. As a team…
    12 mins ago

    Councilors welcome affordable housing in Hove development

    A STEP to include more housing at affordable rents in a new program that is…
    17 mins ago

    Bus bursts into flames after A24 collision – two hospitalized

    A man and woman have been taken to hospital after a collision on the A24…
    19 mins ago

    Summer thrills in Les Deux Alpes, France

    I jump, I land, I slide into what I now call Murphy’s Gap. The gap…


      24 mins ago

      John Mayer let the Office use one of his songs, but he had one condition

      During the podcast, Jenna Fischer said that they wanted to use the song, and that BJ Novak (who plays Ryan…
      1 hour ago

      Welcome to The Book of Angels

      Where did it leave us? There are still many unanswered questions, such as whether the girls will tell anyone that…
      2 hours ago

      Top 12: From Dwayne Johnson to Michael Jordan and Stacy Keibler, the stars who left sports for Hollywood

      Is there any correlation between the wrestling ring and making it mainstream acting? Clear. WWE is all about being a…
      2 hours ago

      The filmmaker who most influenced Steven Spielberg did not do so as the director

      As far as Spielberg knows, no one cuts a film with more invigorating flair than John Frankenheimer. The director of…
      3 hours ago

      Police announce end of investigation into Anne Heche’s car crash

      Police say they have concluded their investigation into Anne Heche’s fatal car crash. Following the accident in the Mar Vista,…
      4 hours ago

      Controversial 70s TV hit inspires Little Miss Sunshine

      “Everybody in here can come off as cliché,” Dayton told “Little Miss Sunshine” magazine, but “if they portray these characters…


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