3 mins ago

    Fantasy-inspired bar The Cauldron opens a new venue in Brighton

    A NEW wizard-inspired immersive experience and cocktail bar will open its doors to visitors today.…
    8 mins ago

    Events galore at Bolney Wine Estate

    BOLNEY Wine Estate has a number of exciting events to offer over the coming months.…
    10 mins ago

    Anne Heche ‘doesn’t expect to survive’ LA car crash, police investigate DUI incident

    Anne Heche is not expected to survive a serious car accident that left her in…
    13 mins ago

    Official Android warning for BILLIONS – Activate important setting to protect against malicious apps now

    All sorts of dangerous apps lurk on Android. Clever hackers even manage to bypass the…


      15 mins ago

      Laura Whitmore will make her West End debut next month

      Laura Whitmore is making her West End debut next month following the conclusion of Love Island’s eighth series. Bray native…
      56 mins ago

      Bodies Bodies Bodies Directed by Halina Reijn on her inspiration and lighting with mobile phones [Interview]

      With the house and all these characters coming in and out of the picture, do you rely heavily on your…
      2 hours ago

      Eurovision 2023: Seven UK cities shortlisted to host song contest revealed

      Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds are among the seven cities shortlisted to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on behalf of…
      2 hours ago

      Emily Criminal director John Patton Ford on making a throwback crime movie [Interview]

      Of course, you voiced Emily on the page, but how has that voice changed or evolved with Aubrey’s performance? Aubrey…
      3 hours ago

      Joe Duffy was stung by hot fish on Dublin beach

      Joe Duffy has revealed that he caught a fish fever while walking on a beach in Dublin recently. The Liveline…
      4 hours ago

      Researching prisons is a bit too real for Nicolas Cage and the Con Air crew

      In a flashback to the film’s 25th anniversary on online empire, Rosenberg shared an interesting anecdote about how convicts failed…


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