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    Field fire breaks out near Chichester – residents urged to keep windows closed

    RESIDENTS of one village have been told to keep their doors and windows closed due…
    1 min ago

    Ari Karvelas enjoys chance with Sussex

    Ari Karvelas says Sussex presented him with a great opportunity. The Sailor went 4-21 as…
    5 mins ago

    Ryan Giggs was in “full relationships” with eight other women while dating a woman he is accused of assaulting, the court said

    Former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs has had “full relationships” with eight other women while…
    7 mins ago

    Motown songwriter and producer Lamont Dozier dies at 81

    Lamont Dozier, the middle name of the celebrated Holland-Dozier-Holland team who wrote and produced You…


      12 mins ago

      Deep Blue Sea’s Renny Harlin will direct at least one of the New Stranger sequels

      It’s no surprise that “The Strangers” is being continued. Both films were financially successful, and that’s just the only criterion…
      53 mins ago

      Clive Myrie and Huw Edwards among BBC talent earning more than £10K outside work

      Four BBC broadcasters received more than £10,000 on top of their pay for work outside the company between April and…
      2 hours ago

      Is the maneuver manipulative? Let’s reenact this scenario and find out

      In episode 4, Fielder realizes that his entire process is in some way designed to drive performance. This is where…
      2 hours ago

      Folie à Deux, her character is probably not dead yet

      True news: The always busy Zazie Beetz is making a trip back to the world inspired by Martin Scorsese in…
      3 hours ago

      Emily Maitlis presenting the MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival

      Emily Maitlis said it was an “honor beyond belief” after it was announced she would present the prestigious James MacTaggart…
      4 hours ago

      Saying goodbye to Peaky blinders wasn’t easy for Sam Neill

      Taking calls is never fun when you’re an actor, especially when you’re so attached to the role. This is what…


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