10 Best American-Style Fridge Freezers for 2022

If you’ve got this far, you’re probably looking for a new fridge freezer – and specifically an American-style version. This type of fridge freezer is usually much bigger – because you know how they like to do things bigger in the States!

Instead of a fridge and freezer unit with one below the other (which we’re more accustomed to in the UK), most American style fridge freezers opt for a side by side approach. This gives you more room to store the monthly food shop if you have a very large brood to feed – and very handy when it comes to national holidays, especially Christmas and storing the turkey!

Now we’ve found some great value models from top brands like Samsung, LG and Beko at top electrical retailers like AO and Currys.

If you still have no idea what to look for or where to start your search, we’ve rounded up the best fridge freezer models available to buy online now – and have delivered directly to your door.

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John Lewis & Partners Freestanding 65/35 American Fridge Freezer


Sleek and stylish, John Lewis & Partners have designed this American-style fridge freezer with a premium stainless steel finish that completes any kitchen, retro or modern.

The frost free interior helps you make the most of the 540L capacity, and a ice and water dispenser means you’ll always have fresh water to hand.

You won’t have a problem fitting your groceries into here – that’s for sure! The fridge has a capacity of 363L and four shelves to store chilled favourites. The 177L freezer also offers two drawers to accommodate your frozen goods, with clear front panels to make checking on your food easy.

Your frozen items are always protected too, as the handy fast freeze function rapidly freezes your groceries as soon as you pop them in the drawers – so say goodbye to melted ice cream when you return from the supermarket.

The freezer’s sturdy shelving is made with safety glass, which is less likely to break compared to normal glass. And because of its smooth surface, and accidental spillages can easily be wiped away in an instant.

From £


John Lewis & Partners

Hotpoint American Fridge Freezer


The Hotpoint Fridge Freezer in stainless steel is not only a striking style icon in shiny finish but also an extra large sized family fridge freezer boasting a 288 litres of storage capacity giving you maximum flexibility as well as Precision Temperature Control which ensures cool air is distributed throughout the fridge cavity.

The food care zone is the coolest place in your fridge, ideal for preserving your meat and fish Frost Free fridge freezers stop the build-up of ice, so you’ll never need to defrost your appliance again. It works by keeping the perfect humidity level in your freezer and circulating fresh air around the compartment.

Precision temperature control ensures cool air is distributed throughout the fridge cavity to create a constant temperature, keeping your food perfectly fresh for longer.

Frost Free fridge freezers stop the build-up of ice, so you’ll never need to defrost your appliance again. It works by keeping the perfect humidity level in your freezer and circulating fresh air around the compartment.

HISENSE PureFlat American-Style Fridge Freezer


The Hisense PureFlat American-Style Fridge Freezer features Total No Frost technology, which removes the need to manually defrost the appliance.

Along with multi airflow cooling in the fridge compartment, this saves you time and hassle so that you spend more of your spare time doing the things you enjoy.

Eager for a chilled drink during those warm summer months? You can enjoy instant access to both chilled water and ice from the dispenser.

Using an internal water tank, you won’t need to worry about getting the appliance plumbed – simply refill the water tank whenever it’s getting low.

Make quick and easy adjustments to the internal temperature using the touch controls. With both Fast Chill and Fast Freeze functions, you can rapidly lower the temperature of both sections – ideal for when you’ve added your weekly shopping and want to quickly chill and freeze everything.

An audible alarm warns you if you accidentally leave the doors open, helping you to save energy and keep your food fresher for longer.

Best American-style fridge freezers for 2022

1. Russell Hobbs American Style Fridge Freezer

Russell Hobbs American Style Fridge Freezer
  • Fridge capacity: 338 L
  • Freezer capacity: 175 L
  • Energy Class: F
  • Dimensions: H 178.8 x W 89.5 x D 74.5 (cm)
  • Key Features: Has LED display to set the temperature and child-lock
  • This fridge freezer from Russell Hobbs has a stylish design with some great features. Priced just under £850 from eBay, it’s also not too bad an ask for this style of appliance.

    The rear panel of the unit is flame retardant giving you full peace of mind with your new appliance. You’ll also get just over 500 litres of combined space between your fridge and freezer.

    As well as a non plumbed water dispenser, inside you’ll have the added convenience of four door racks, four shelves, a wine rack for four bottles and two drawers.

    2. Haier Freestanding American Fridge Freezer

    Haier American Fridge Freezer
  • Fridge capacity: 330 L
  • Freezer capacity: 191 L
  • Energy Class: E
  • Dimensions: H177.5 x W90.8 x D64.7 (cm)
  • Key Features: Holiday setting helps save energy when you’re away
  • The Haier American fridge freezer is stylish, sleek and boasts a generous 521 litre capacity, or 28 bags of food shopping – which is perfect with if you’ve got a big family.

    Total No Frost technology stops ice building up inside, meaning you’ll never have to defrost the freezer manually again; win, win.

    A water dispenser offers you crisp, filtered water on tap and there’s a handy ice maker to chill your favourite drinks whenever you want. And the best part? It doesn’t need to be plumbed in work!

    Not to mention a handy ‘Holiday setting’ that cuts down on the power it uses while you’re away. All you need to do is take out any ingredients that might spoil, and it’ll increase the temperature so it uses less energy.

    3. Samsung No Frost Side-by-Side Fridge Freezer

    Samsung No Frost Side-by-Side Fridge Freezer
  • Fridge capacity: 357 L
  • Freezer capacity: 144 L
  • Energy Class: F
  • Dimensions: H 178.9 x W 91.2 x D 73.4 (cm)
  • Key Features: Handy wine rack keeps bottles secure
  • With just under 400 litres of storing capacity combined in this stylish unit, you’ll have more than enough room for all of your shopping, as well as some added bonuses – like the integrated wine rack.

    Ensure your food is kept as fresh as can be for as long as possible, a ‘Power Freeze’ mode rapidly lowers the temperature of the freezer to accommodate newly added items.

    An A+ rating means you’re saving on energy bills as well as your monthly shopping bills, but an extra nifty feature is the ‘vacation mode’ function, which keeps your fridge running efficiently in low mode so it uses less energy.

    4. Samsung RF9000 French Door Fridge Freezer with Beverage Centre

    Samsung RF9000 French Door Fridge Freezer with Beverage Centre
  • Fridge capacity: 397 L
  • Freezer capacity: 250 L
  • Energy Class: F
  • Dimensions: H 182.5 x W 91.2 x D 72.3 (cm)
  • Key Features: Dual auto ice maker, flexible storage and cooling systems, complete beverage centre
  • Available as a 4-door model, the new Bespoke RF8000 French Door Refrigerator pairs beautiful design with unique technologies that together inspire entirely new ways of living.

    The refrigerator offers a versatile Flex Zone drawer, which can be converted from freezer to fridge depending on your needs. You’ll also be able to set individual cooling zones, to perfectly chill different types of food.

    All together, you’ll be able to fit around 35 bags of shopping inside the fridge, which is ideal for those with big families.

    One new point of innovation for Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator is the Beverage Centre. Featuring a water dispenser hidden inside the door, the Beverage Centre offers a convenient solution that enables the fridge to feature a smooth exterior.

    Get this deal from Samsung (£2149).

    5. LG American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer

    LG American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer
  • Fridge capacity: 405 L
  • Freezer capacity: 196 L
  • Energy Class: F
  • Dimensions: H 179.0 x W 91.2 x D 73.8 (cm)
  • Key Features: Door-In-Door feature lets you open an extra panel to easily access your condiments
  • As far as looks go, this model from LG is super futuristic looking with some cool techy features (including wifi), that you’re bound to love if smart appliances are your thing.

    Undoubtedly, one of the coolest features of this unit is the InstaView door. Simply tap on the door twice to light up the easy-access compartment. Using the LG SmartThinQ app, you’ll also be able to easily adjust the temperature settings, or start the Express Freeze function to rapidly freeze your food.

    The fridge freezer has a whopping 601 litre capacity which is superb for large families.

    6. Beko American Fridge Freezer

    Beko American Fridge Freezer
  • Fridge capacity: 387 L
  • Freezer capacity: 152 L
  • Energy Class: F
  • Dimensions: 182.5 x 84 x 74.5 (cm)
  • Key Features: Three colour light technology preserves vitamins in fruits and vegetables
  • The Beko American-style fridge freezer is ideal for medium to large sized families. It has a sleek and slimline design that will compliment any modern kitchen setting, it’s also got some amazing features and is priced very desirably.

    The fridge freezer has an impressive 530 litre capacity, which is around 29 bags of shopping.

    The Active Fresh Blue Light technology protects vitamins and nutrients in your fruit and veg, keeping it fresh for longer. It uses blue LED lights that mimic natural daylight, so your leafy greens stay tender and tasty for those delicious recipes. How good is that?

    The plumbed water and ice dispenser is great when you need a cool drink, or simply fancy some ice cubes to top up your beverage. Ready for BBQ season and gatherings with friends and family.

    7. KENWOOD Fridge Freezer

    KENWOOD KMD60X19 Fridge Freezer
  • Fridge capacity: 191 L
  • Freezer capacity: 129 L
  • Energy Class: F
  • Dimensions: 185.5 x 63.5 x 68.2 (cm)
  • Key Features: Fast freeze rapidly lowers the temperature inside the freezer
  • Store the whole family’s weekly shop with the Kenwood KMD60X19 Fridge Freezer.

    With side-by-side fridge doors and two large freezer drawers, there’s plenty of room for everything from fruit and vegetable – even space for a cheeky tub of ice cream.

    Tired of defrosting your appliance? This freezer’s Total No Frost design saves you the hassle, preventing ice from building up and maximising the available storage space. Winning.

    8. LOGIK American-Style Fridge Freezer

    LOGIK LSBSX20 American-Style Fridge Freezer
  • Fridge capacity: 334 L
  • Freezer capacity: 185 L
  • Energy Class: F
  • Dimensions: 178.5 x 91 x 64.5 (cm)
  • Key Features: Fan cooling creates the ideal conditions in your fridge
  • Got a large family to feed? Then you’ll need a large refrigerator, too. And the LOGIK LSBSX20 American-Style Fridge Freezer fits the bill.

    It has a huge amount of space for your entire weekly shopping, with plenty of shelves, and a salad crisper drawer for your leafy greens and vegetables.

    The LOGIK LSBSX20 has a quick freeze function that speeds up the freezing process, making sure your newly purchased food doesn’t thaw out – it’s a lifesaver if you’ve got a long trip from supermarket to home.

    Control the temperature of both the fridge and the freezer in an instant, as well as selecting from Smart or Eco mode.

    9. Hisense FMN431W20C American Fridge Freezer

    Hisense FMN431W20C American Fridge Freezer
  • Fridge capacity: 289 L
  • Freezer capacity: 142 L
  • Energy Class: F
  • Dimensions: 181.2 x 79.4 x 70 (cm)
  • Key Features: Non plumbed water dispenser, ice maker, clever no frost technology
  • This American-Style Fridge Freezer from Hisense has a sleek look, with all of the modern features for your family.

    It can fit a whopping 23 bags of shopping inside thanks to the large capacity of the fridge and freezer combined. It’s also equipped with No Frost technology which ensures ice doesn’t build up around the walls.

    There’s a handy Twist & Serve Ice Cube Tray that’s great for parties and barbecues too, as it delivers perfect ice cubes at the turn of a dial – nice and easy.

    Get this deal from AO (£699)

    10. Hoover Freestanding American Fridge Freezer

    Hoover American Fridge Freezer

  • Fridge capacity: 293 L
  • Freezer capacity: 111 L
  • Energy Class: A+
  • Dimensions: H 187 x W 70.4 x D 71 (cm)
  • Key Features: Touch control display enables you to set fast freeze, holiday mode and temperature to suit your requirements
  • This Hoover model has a total capacity of 404 litres across fridge and freezer compartments, making it ideal for families. capacity.

    The no frost system produces cold air in the freezer section, which then is distributed to the fridge cavity. This keeps the temperature stable and your food and drinks fresher for longer. The added bonus is that you don’t need to ever defrost your freezer either.

    This is an extremely efficient appliance with an A+ energy rating. The handy touch control display also allows you to set fast freeze, holiday mode and temperature to suit your family’s requirements too.

    Get this deal from Amazon (£609).

    American Style Fridge Freezer Pros:

    • Can hold far more groceries (fresh and frozen) than traditional fridges or integrated styles
    • Come with useful features like door alarms, frost-free, fast-freeze – and as standard
    • They have handy compartments and shelves for specific items like wine bottles, fruit and vegetables
    • Some have ice and water dispensers – which is great for when you are entertaining guests

    American Style Fridge Freezer Cons:

    • Can be expensive to run
    • They require more space and can take up much more room in your kitchen
    • If it has a water dispenser feature, this requires some plumbing and adds an extra cost
    • They have fewer freezer draws and compartments than a conventional freezer

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