10 Best Streaming Apps in 2022

Streaming services have become the most common way of watching movies and television over the last 10 years. There are a ton of amazing options in the streaming universe to choose from, and there are specialized apps depending on your tastes that are worth checking out. Thankfully, there are even free streaming options out there if you’re on a tight budget. To help you discover the right service for you, here are the top ten best streaming apps in 2022:

1. Netflix

The most well-known streaming app, and the one that started the initial streaming craze, Netflix is in billions of homes around the world. Each region receives a massive library of customized films and television, as well as access to all of Netflix’s original content. Shows like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards have all driven people to Netflix over the past decade.

2. Hulu

If you’re looking for a streaming service specifically to watch television programs, few streaming apps are as content-packed as Hulu. The sheer amount of network and premium television networks that live update their content onto Hulu is impressive. Hulu often provides a hub where you can buy cheap add-ons to access the full libraries of other channels that are not on other streaming services. And as an added plus, there is a solid library of movies included as well.

3. Kodi

Kodi is a unique streaming app that allows you to access endless options for gaming, storing media files, and much more. In addition to having content built-in for you to enjoy, you can store your content on Kodi, making it a hybrid version of a streaming app and collection app. Kodi is a must-have for anyone who wants to mix their own entertainment library with those of the other streaming apps they love.

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4. HBO Max

HBO Max has become a behemoth of a streaming service over the last five years. By expanding HBO’s already impressive library with tons of classic movies, anime, Comedy Central content, and a few film studio’s libraries, HBO Max has become one of the most content-packed streaming services out there. And to top it all off, the amazing original content that HBO is known for is still coming out at a consistent pace.

5. Shudder

Do you like thrills and chills? Shudder is the premier streaming service for horror, thrillers, and other strange films. No other streaming service can touch the thousands of horror films that Shudder offers, and the channel is providing original films and television these days as well. Shudder took a few years to catch on, but it is now one of the most popular and valuable streaming services around.

6. Tubi

Tubi is another completely free streaming service that’s worth noting. The library changes drastically from month-to-month, keeping the content fresh. From classic movies to television that’s not streaming on other services, Tubi also has a unique library that’s worth checking out if you’re finding it hard to locate a specific movie or television show you love. You’ll have to watch ads to enjoy Tubi’s free services, but if you want to pay a minor monthly fee, you can skip the ads completely.

7. Criterion Channel

Do you consider yourself a cinephile? If so, Criterion Channel is your dream streaming app. With thousands upon thousands of classic films, art films, foreign films, and break-out cult hits, Criterion is sure to wow you with its unique offerings. The service is now packing in commentaries and other features that cinephiles will love to sink their teeth into, so check out the service ASAP.

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8. Apple TV+

While the amount of content on Apple TV+ is not nearly as large as many of the other services on this list, the quality of the original content is well-worth the subscription price. If you’re already an Apple customer, you might even have access to the streaming service for free. Additionally, Apple TV+ provides a convenient platform where you can rent a wide range of movies and television from around the world.

9. Mubi

Mubi is by far the most unique streaming service on this list. Similar to Criterion Channel, it focuses on art, foreign, classic and cult films. However, Mubi works as a type of online cinema, as it adds a new film everyday for its cinephile audience to enjoy. There are thirty films playing at all times, and the constantly cycling content allows you to feel excited every time you log onto the platform.

10. Disney Plus

Disney Plus has taken the streaming industry by storm. With the insanely large collection Disney brings to the streaming game, it’s already become one of the biggest streaming apps, despite only being out for a few years. Additionally, it’s one of the easiest apps to find deals for, so be sure to check out ways to try out Disney Plus at a discounted rate.

Get Streaming Now

Now that you’ve got a clear idea of what each streaming service has to offer, you’re ready to enjoy a fantastic night of quality content. Almost all of these services can be gained for less than ten dollars a month, so this remains an affordable way to relax after an intense, long day of hard work.

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