10 Small Changes You Can Make This January to Boost Weight Loss

January is the time of year when people make drastic lifestyle changes in hopes of sudden weight loss.

But small daily adjustments often yield huge results in the long run, helping you maintain a healthy habit forever.

Less is more - how small tweaks can give you lasting results


Less is more – how small tweaks can give you lasting resultsCredit: Alamy

It’s also a lot less daunting than overhauling your entire diet.

Researchers have found that people who use small changes gain less weight over time than those who don’t.

It could be walking an extra 30 minutes a day, eating fewer potatoes for dinner, or switching to a carbonated beverage diet.

In a grand scheme of things, these don’t look like a revolution weight loss hacks.

But each person burns (or cuts from the diet) about 100-200 calories per day.

Claire Madigan and Henrietta Graham, researchers in sport, exercise and health and Loughborough University, write in Conversation: “Our recent review shows that eating 100-200 Fewer calories, or burning an extra 100-200 calories per day, may be enough to prevent us from gaining weight in the long run. “

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The pair said their analysis of 19 trials demonstrated a “small changes approach,” first proposed in 2004 by James Hill, an American expert on obesity, to Help people control their weight.

Some of the successful techniques used in the tests are:

first. Get off the bus one stop earlier

It’s all about taking those extra steps.

On your way to work, get off the bus, tram or subway one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.

You can end up walking for 10-15 minutes more and this can help you burn up to 60 calories, the experts say.

“Doing this on the way home can also mean you burn up to 120 calories.”

2. Skip the side

Skipping small additions when dining out can make a big difference, especially if they’re fries.

A small portion of fries used in the oven with main meals contains hundreds of calories, the experts say.

“Saying no to these — or choosing a salad or vegetable instead — can help you cut your daily calorie intake by up to 200 calories.”

3. Choose a diet soft drink

A carbonated or sweetened drink may contain more than your recommended daily sugar limit.

When it becomes a habit, you can add tons of unnecessary sugar and calories to your diet.

“Switch from regular drinks to diet drinks,” say the experts.

“While it may not be the same, this switch can reduce your calorie intake by 145 calories.

“However, recent research shows that switching to diet drinks may not be good for weight management – so choosing to drink water instead of your usual fizzy drink may be best. “

4. Be careful with coffee

Do you feel guilty choosing a latte, cappuccino or mocha every morning before work?

The milk in a typical latte can contain up to 186 calories, so switching to an Americano could prevent weight gain, the experts said.

You can still treat yourself to your favorite coffee once a week, but by cutting it out every other day can reduce almost 800 calories from your diet a week.

5. Use less oil

Experts recommend using less oil when cooking – an easy way to cut excess calories without ruining the taste of food.

For example, one tablespoon of olive oil contains more than 100 calories, so using less could be a way to avoid extra calories.

6. Cut sweets

If you’re committed to going further this year, see if you have a hard time saying no to sweets.

It’s the junk food — cookies, chocolate, cake — that’s often what causes a bloated stomach if you eat them all the time.

Saying no to cakes, cookies and other sweets can make it easy to cut an extra 100-200 calories from your diet – possibly more, depending on the food, say the experts. “.

7. Diet

No one says you have to stop eating chocolate together.

In fact, deprive yourself of the luxuries in life can make it harder to stick to healthy habits.

Experts advise: “If you have something sweet, save half for tomorrow.

“For example, eating just half a KitKat can cut your calorie intake by about 102 calories – and give you something to look forward to tomorrow.”

You may not even like the supplement that arrives the next day.

8. Don’t over-serve

It’s easy to pile your plates on high at dinner time. But taking more than necessary could be the reason you’re not able to change the weight.

Eat less than one or two potatoes in your roast dinner, the experts say.

“A medium baked potato can contain up to 200 calories, so be mindful of how much you put on your plate.”

9. Double the number of walks

Try and get an extra 30 minutes of brisk walking every day.

Experts say this extra walking “can burn more than 150 calories”.

ten. Walk and talk

Experts often recommend moving more than you normally do to burn fat.

It can be difficult to find the time to do so – so why not do all your phone meetings while walking?

You can burn an extra 100 calories if you choose to make a 30-minute phone call on the go, the experts say.

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