10 Strongest Mythic Rare Cards In The Game’s History

Because the longest-running buying and selling card recreation of all time Magic: The Gathering at the moment has over twenty-thousand distinctive playing cards that gamers can make the most of of their decks. Playing cards are available in a wide range of kinds and in a wide range of rarities. Whereas when the sport was first began in 1993 each booster pack got here with one uncommon card, in 2008 with the discharge of Shards of Alara, a brand new rarity was launched: the mythic uncommon. When opening a pack of Magic playing cards, there’s a one in eight probability that relatively than a pack that includes a uncommon, it is going to as a substitute embody a mythic uncommon. Mythic rares are sometimes among the strongest and mechanically advanced playing cards in every respective set, making them extremely wanted. So in the present day, we’ll have a look at the mythics of Magics previous and see which ten have been probably the most highly effective!

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Earlier than we start, we should always make clear for the sake of this record, every card featured should have appeared as a traditional mythic uncommon inside booster packs, not as a particular masterpiece card.

Snapcaster Mage

snapcaster mage mtg wizard art

An iconic staple of the Modern format, Snapcaster Mage is a mono-blue wizard with flash for 2 mana. Upon getting into the battlefield, Snapcaster Mage supplies an instantaneous or sorcery in its proprietor’s graveyard with flashback till the tip of the flip, permitting lots of the finest playing cards in a participant’s deck to be solid a further time. Whereas the cardboard was initially printed as a uncommon in Innistrad, it has appeared as a mythic in every of its subsequent reprintings.


bitterblossom fairy mtg art

Like Snapcaster Mage, whereas Bitterblossom’s unique printing was as a uncommon, each time it has been reprinted since, it has been within the type of a mythic uncommon. A two-mana black enchantment, Bitterblossom causes its controller to lose one life initially of every of their upkeeps, offering them with a 1/1 flying faerie token that may persistently be utilized in all kinds of methods, from aggro to aristocrats.

Cavern Of Souls

cavern of souls mtg art

The one land on this record, Cavern of Souls was first printed as a uncommon in Avacyn Restored and has since seen a number of reprintings as a mythic uncommon. Upon getting into the battlefield, this land’s controller chooses a creature kind.

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Whereas Cavern of Souls will be tapped to supply one colorless mana, it can be used to supply one mana of any shade so long as that mana is spent to pay for a creature of the chosen kind. Whether it is, that creature cannot be countered! This makes Cavern of Souls probably the greatest land decisions in tribal decks of any shade, stopping key playing cards from being countered.

Urza, Lord Excessive Artificer

urza mtg art wizard

Printed as a part of Fashionable Horizons, Urza, Lord High Artificer is without doubt one of the most blatantly highly effective and pushed playing cards in current reminiscence. A blue legendary creature for 4 mana, Urza permits its controller’s artifacts to be tapped to supply one blue mana, functioning as probably the greatest blue mana ramp playing cards of all time. Along with this impact and the truth that upon getting into the battlefield, Urza even creates an artifact creature token with proportional energy and toughness to the variety of artifacts its proprietor controls, Urza even comes with a spot to sink all of this mana! For 5 mana, Urza permits its controller to shuffle their library, then play the highest card with out paying its mana price!

Liliana Of The Veil

liliana of the veil magic the gathering

An iconic and highly effective mythic first printed in Innistrad, Liliana of the Veil is an environment friendly three-mana black Planeswalker. No matter which of Liliana’s talents a participant chooses to activate, this card will all the time disrupt one’s opponents. WIth a +1 capability that causes every participant to discard a card, Liliana’s -2 forces an opponent to sacrifice a creature.

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If an opponent makes the error of permitting this card to stay round, Liliana’s final -6 capability separates all permanents an opponent controls into two piles, inflicting that participant to sacrifice all permanents within the pile of their selection.

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

ragavan monkey mtg art

Essentially the most lately printed entry on this record, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is an unbelievable legendary purple creature printed in Fashionable Horizons 2. A cost-effective 2/1 for a single purple mana, not solely does Ragavan generate a treasure token when it offers fight harm to an participant, nevertheless it additionally exiles the highest card of that participant’s library upon doing so, permitting that card to be solid by Ragavan’s controller that flip. As if this weren’t highly effective sufficient, for gamers making an attempt to cover Ragavan from opponents’ removing spells, this legendary monkey pirate has entry to a touch price of two mana.

Wrenn And Six

wrenn and six planeswalker mtg art

Showing as a mythic alongside Urza in Fashionable Horizons, Wrenn and Six is a stellar two-mana planeswalker that wanted to be banned within the Legacy format. Capable of make repeated use out of the ever-popular fetch lands by returning lands to its proprietor’s hand with its +1, this planeswalker’s -1 can deal one harm to any goal, making quick work of utility creatures like Birds of Paradise. Whereas much less related than its different two talents, this Planeswalker’s final -7 capability supplies each instantaneous and sorcery in its controller’s graveyard with retrace, providing a capability akin to that of Snapcaster Mage.

Mana Vault

mana vault artifact mtg art


Mana Vault is an unbelievable mana-producing artifact for one mana that may be tapped for 3 colorless mana. Nevertheless, Mana Vault doesn’t usually untap except its controller pays 4 mana throughout their repairs, taking one harm if this card is tapped. Regardless of this through the myriad of helpful untap results discovered on different playing cards in addition to playing cards that trigger permanents to faucet for added mana, with the suitable setup, this disadvantage is negligible.

Mana Crypt

mana crypt kaladesh masterpiece art

By and enormous probably the greatest mana ramp spells in Magic’s historical past, in recent times, Mana Crypt has seen a plethora of reprints, every on the mythic rarity. An artifact that may be performed without cost because of its mana price of zero, Mana Crypt will be tapped to supply two colorless mana. It is a stellar benefit that has led to the cardboard turning into a staple throughout the Commander format. Whereas the cardboard is “balanced” by having its controller flip a coin throughout their repairs, taking three harm in the event that they lose the flip, the worth of this mana enormously outweighs this harm.

Pressure Of Will

force of will mtg

Whereas there are various powerful counterspells in Magic’s historical past, few are as highly effective as Force of Will. Whereas the cardboard predates the mythic rarity, each printing it has seen because the rarity’s introduction has been as a mythic. Whereas the cardboard has a steep mana price of 5 mana, this counterspell’s mana price will be ignored if its caster exiles a blue card from their hand and pays one life. This will permit a participant to counter an opponent’s first spell, even when Pressure of Will’s caster has but to play a single land.

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