10 Worst Movie Tie-In Video Games Ever

WHEN it comes to building a successful gaming franchise, brand awareness is half the battle.

So it doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize that just by adapting some of the top-grossing films into games, people around the world will already recognize the brand.

Movie games get a bad rap for good reason.


Movie games get a bad rap for good reason.Photo credit: Electronic Arts

Unfortunately, years of shoddy work in this area have given movie tie-in games a bad name, and almost every self-respecting gamer knows how to avoid them.

Even a well-loved franchise like Marvel’s Avengers couldn’t garner huge success, as the seminal 2020 game in the series received average reviews at best.

Going the other way doesn’t help much either, as movies based on video games are often bad too.

Still, they could make it a lot worse. Here are the very worst movie games that you should avoid at all costs.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2

Every Harry Potter film has a game to match, and on average there isn’t much to shout about.

There are some, like the game Order of Phoenix, that allow players to explore Hogwarts and spend time with the characters, but most fall short.

The last two games of the series are by far the worst. These games roll through the events of the movie in the most boring way.

Want to spend 10 minutes shooting magic from your wand like a machine gun at identical enemies?

If you answered no, you will be disappointed to hear that this is the case in every single level of these games. It’s undeniably the worst way to experience the Harry Potter story.

Let’s hope Hogwarts Legacy can do a better job later this year.

Charlie’s Angel

With a series full of camp charm and heavily sexualized stars, you’d think it would be a sure hit in the video game world.

Unfortunately, the Charlie’s Angels game is relentlessly boring. The voice acting was boring, the combat isn’t remotely engaging, and each level is a grind from start to finish.

fight club

In the PS2 era, a fighting game is a solid idea for a movie tie-in as the genre was thriving.

However, Fight Club hasn’t gone big. Finding enough characters to fill the roster was difficult, and once you got into a fight there was no meat on the bone.

Every punch, every grip and every throw felt weak and dull. You can choose any other fighting game on the market and have a better experience.

Kung Fu Panda 2

In truth, we could have filled this whole list with action platform games based on children’s movies. They were all the rage in the Xbox 360/PS3 era.

Every film that had the slightest bit of success got one. The Chronicles of Narnia, Looney Tunes Back in Action, Bee Movie and many more.

Kung-Fu Panda 2 is the representation of this genre because it ticks all the boxes of how uncreative they are.

You vaguely follow the movie’s plot but have to add weird detours and mini-games to fill up playtime, and once you’ve seen a level, you’ve seen them all.

ET the extraterrestrial

This game will forever have a place in history because it was such a huge failure that it caused the 1983 video game crash.

It was thrown out the door in time for Christmas 1982, and consumers found it a bewildering jumble of a game.

They sent back copies in droves, leading to Atari’s demise and a crash the industry might never have recovered from if Nintendo hadn’t caught up.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

When it comes to the biggest video game disappointments, Aliens: Colonial Marines is one of the flagships.

This 2013 shooter had all the hype in the world behind it. The trailers were filled with the eerie atmosphere that made the Alien franchise so great.

One of the biggest problems was the aliens’ terrible AI, which is bad enough, but in 2017 a hilarious and sad discovery was made.

A modder sifting through the game’s code spotted a typo, and when he corrected it, the aliens’ AI improved significantly.

cat woman

There’s not much to say about Catwoman, it’s the typical trash movie tie-in.

The voice actors sound like they’re half asleep the whole time, the level design is repetitive and boring, and you’ll find a bunch of issues that would never have been included in an original title.

Street Fighter: The Movie

This is an interesting case as this is a game adaptation of a film which itself adapted the original Street Fighter games.

It replaced all the legendary Street Fighter characters with their movie appearances and made a completely inferior version of all other Street Fighter games.

None of the series’ most responsive and impactful fights made it into this title, and no one paid particular attention to these versions of the characters.

Rambo: The Video Game

In 2014, an over-the-top military shooter could have been a huge hit, but it made some confusing design choices.

First, the shooting segments are entirely on rails, something only found in light gun arcade games these days.

Second, all other levels are just a series of quick time events while playing poorly animated cutscenes with various Rambo antics.

It’s a game that feels dated in every way. Even the audio quality in the cutscenes is terrible.

Fast & Furious: Showdown

Fast & Furious is a video game franchise. Supercars going very fast and doing crazy cool stunts for unclear reasons sounds like a great premise.

However, every attempt to turn the franchise into a video game has been a failure, and this is the biggest of the series.

On Metacritic, the users score is 1.2 out of 10, making it the 8th worst game on the entire site. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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