10 Years Ago, Looper Broke The Circle (Even If Hollywood Doesn’t)

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Film: “Looper” (2012)

Where you can stream: Hulu

Sales pitch: In the year 2074, time travel was invented. It’s also outlawed because, you know, it’s time travel and can lead to things like someone becomes their grandfather. Okay, maybe not in the “Looper” universe, but there are other, more valid concerns. That said, if you think some dull laws are going to stop capitalism from figuring out how to exploit this lackluster scientific process, you’ve got something else coming up.

Among the future offenders (not those crimes) is a Kansas City organization that has come up with a handy way to deal with its enemies. It captures them and sends them back to 2044, where a hired killer or “murderer” shoots them dead, collects the money they owe, and disposes of the corpses (preventing their deaths from being traced back). organization). It should also be noted that these victims were brought back in time with hoods, to conceal their identities from crooks.

Why bring that up? Because, at a certain point, any loopers still alive in 2074 will be sent back to their younger ones to kill, for example closing the loop. It’s been a bad cycle, but that’s okay with Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a cynical, selfish man who always makes the world look bad, so you too can achieve what you want. maybe. Enter Old Joe (Bruce Willis), who goes back in time with a plan to fix things by killing a mysterious figure from the future (called Rainmaker) when they were still children.

Why is it necessary to see

Almost exactly 10 years after its release, “Looper” is still a rarity in modern Hollywood. It never got a sequel, nor did writer/director Rian Johnson express a genuine desire to revisit its universe with a TV movie or TV series. That’s just fitting, too. The movie’s core message – that you can’t reform toxic circles (or, as Joe calls them bad roads), you just have to break them – runs counter to the idea of ​​a franchise. Commerce. It also blows away what streaming studios and services have spent the past decade preaching when it comes to their biggest intellectual property.

While he’s certainly not against franchising or reviving older genres (as he’s proven over the years), that’s not what Johnson is doing with “Looper.” It’s a film that draws from a multitude of sources, lifting elements from classics like “Casablanca” and “Akira,” only to remix them in a way that feels new and exciting. Then there’s a comprehensive commentary on American action cinema, made so much more powerful by Willis’ selection.

Even in 2022, it’s still quite radical in its way of questioning the tenants of the genre (which includes many superhero movies): that violence can be used to tackle cycles of violence.

‘And the road is a circle. Circle. So I changed it’

“Looper,” of course, is far from perfect. Its time travel logic ends up wobbly, no matter how Johnson tries to unravel this in a pivotal scene where Joe converses with his own ex. Then Johnson decided to have Gordon-Levitt put on facial prosthetics to make him look like younger Willis, which… didn’t work. It’s also a bit distracting at first, but it’s easier to ignore as the story gets to the reels.

Really, these flaws are only superficial. Contrary to so many recent studio movies, “Looper” is visually interesting and crisp, with action-packed sequences you can watch and horrifying visuals that will haunt you later (like a scene jumbled with the laws of time travel in a way that almost transcends body-horror territory). Gordon-Levitt and Willis are similarly well-suited to their roles as a powerful anti-hero and older, grumpy, and wiser selves, as well as Jeff Daniels as Joe’s no-nonsense boss . There’s also Emily Blunt, who’s hard to talk about without getting in the way of spoilers. Suffice it to say, though, she’s as brilliant as ever, especially when she’s able to flex her impressive acting muscles.

Despite being a critical and box-office success, “Looper” failed to usher in a dazzling new era of adult, original, mid-budget movies after its 2012 release. just because Hollywood didn’t learn the right lessons from its success, that’s why there’s no reason not to give this one a try if you haven’t seen it before (or even if it’s been a while). It might just be the change of pace you’re craving.

https://www.slashfilm.com/1026363/the-daily-stream-10-years-ago-looper-broke-the-circle-even-if-hollywood-didnt/ 10 Years Ago, Looper Broke The Circle (Even If Hollywood Doesn’t)

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