18 professional tricks to help you lose STONE in just a month

Is it a new year if you don’t have some weight loss goal to kick things off?

After a December filled with food, alcohol and (possibly) minimal exercise, it’s time to kick things off and get healthy.

Small adjustments can really kickstart your weight loss journey


Small adjustments can really kickstart your weight loss journeyCredit: Getty

In 2021, a YouGov study found that a whopping 48% of Britons had ‘lose weight’ as their New Year’s resolution, compromising other New Year’s goals, including ‘ take up a new hobby’, ‘cut down on drinking’ , and ‘give up smoking’.

Unfortunately, we know that sustainable weight loss can take some time and is the case with maintaining a balance of less calories in, more calories out.

However, no one wants to wait months to lose weight for the festival.

But what if there were some simple tweaks that could really help with weight loss by up to a stone in just four weeks?

Search ‘how to lose a stone in a month’, on Google, and you’re inundated with over 718 million page results.

It’s a minefield out there.

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Here are 18 professional tricks to lose fat, fast…

1. Take a cold shower

Dr. Deborah Lee of Dr Fox Online Pharmacy explains: “Short-term exposure to cold water has been shown to increase metabolic

“Do this slowly, possibly ending your daily shower with 10 seconds when cold, and gradually build this up to two to three minutes, two or three times a week.”

2. Understanding food supplements

Certain supplements can help with weight loss and metabolism. Dr. Lee recommends taking a chromium supplement containing 1,000μg (micrograms) per day, as it “may help reduce cravings and cravings”.

“In a 2008 double-blind study, 42 overweight adult women were randomly assigned to receive chromium 1,000μg daily for eight weeks or a placebo.

“After eight weeks, the chromium group was found to have significantly reduced food intake, hunger and cravings for fat, and tended to lose body weight.”

She adds that “other studies have shown that chromium may be an aid to weight loss.”

3. Eat at fixed time

If you are a categorizer, then this is the one for you.

“Setting a ‘dining window’ means you’ll avoid the evening hours where you want to pick your food for hours on end.

Personal trainer Lucy Gornall says, “Try eating only between 9am and 7pm.

You can even set this as an alarm on your phone to remind you that your mealtime is up for the day.

4. Keeping a healthy home

January is the perfect time to remove unhealthy foods from kitchen cabinets and drawers. Food banks are a good place to drop unwanted food – but sealed and up to date – instead of wasting it.

Joanna Dase, fitness expert at Curves Gym ( recommends stocking your kitchen with healthy snacks to give yourself the best chance of weight loss success.

Can’t resist a snack?

“Healthy snacks include carrots with hummus, apple slices with peanut butter, a handful of nuts, a hard-boiled egg with some spinach leaves or some simple popcorn.”

5. Scrap wine

It only lasts for a month, and not only will you save about 4,000 calories in four weeks, but your liver, digestion, skin, hair, mood, and countless other things, will also benefit.

Joanna explains that a glass of wine contains about 133 calories, the equivalent of three Jaffas, while a pint of beer contains just under the same amount of calories found in the Mars Bar.

6. Don’t snack on carbs alone

Claire Snowdon-Darling, founder of the wellness clinic, Balanced Wellness, explains that whenever we eat carbs, such as bread, pasta, or rice, our blood sugar spikes. And in response, we release the hormone insulin.

“Insulin helps the body lower blood sugar, but it also signals the body to store fat.

“When our blood sugar drops in response to insulin, we produce the stress hormone cortisol.

“When we produce cortisol, some sugar is put into our muscles so we can get ready for ‘fight or flight’, or in this case, go and ‘find more food’. .

“That sugar then also triggers an insulin response, and we end up on a blood sugar roller coaster that keeps us from losing weight,” says Claire.

Help prevent this from happening by eating fats along with carbs.

For example, supplement fruit with a handful of nuts or a slice of bread topped with peanut butter.

7. Trick your mind

Our minds are more powerful than we think, but Emily Hall, weight loss coach and hypnotherapist at Fresh Forward (, has a few simple cheats on her sleeve.

“Use smaller plates so you don’t hold too much food, drink fizzy drinks mixed in wine glasses so you feel like you’re still ‘drinking’ and put chocolates out of sight because when you see the food, you will automatically eat. than.”

8. Exchange pudding for appetizer

Go out eat? Dr. Naresh Kanumilli, medical director at Liva Healthcare.

“Soup is usually a good choice because it fills you up.

“If you feel left out while everyone is eating pudding, you can have a coffee during that course.

Drink carbonated water mixed in a wine glass so you feel like you’re still ‘drinking’

Emily Hall

9. Eat often

Elliott Upton, personal trainer at Ultimate Performance (, saying that eating every “two to four hours is very important”.

“The more often you eat, the better you can control your cravings.”

Eating regularly means that you have to split your meals and calorie intake relatively evenly throughout the day.

However, Elliott added: “It’s not really about how many calories you consume per meal, but the quality of those calories and the total number of calories you consume each day.”

He recommends tracking your meals and calorie intake for the day, but adds that “if you start obsessing or overthinking about hitting a certain number of calories per meal, that can lead to unnecessary worry”, so stop immediately if you feel this happening.

10. Protein packaging

“Protein really does make you feel full,” says Elliott.

“This means it will help you feel full for longer, so you don’t go hungry between meals, don’t fall, and snacking on high-calorie snacks will detract from your weight loss efforts. ”

Men should eat between 30 and 50g of protein per meal while women should eat 20 to 30g of protein per meal.

In terms of perspective, 100g of chicken contains about 30g of protein while an egg contains about 6g.

11. Walk 10 minutes a day

Just an extra 10 to 12 minutes of walking a day can burn an extra 100 calories, says Ryan Hodgson, Health and Happiness

“Taking the stairs via the elevator as part of your lifestyle can also burn up to 250 calories per week, which may not seem like a lot, but doing it consistently will definitely pay off for your total. calories burned.”

12. Avoid caffeine after 12 noon

Swap your afternoon coffee hit for the decaf version instead. Why?

James Griffiths, Owner of Wild Training (, “Meaning if you have caffeine after noon, you won’t sleep properly”.

Lack of sleep can lead to a lack of energy, which means you start looking to sugary foods to boost your health.

January is the perfect month to schedule bedtime, so set yourself a sleep schedule and stick to it as strictly as possible.

13. View your sections

Michael Brigo, Body Transformation Coach ( explains that all you need is your hand to ensure the correct portion sizes and balance of food at each meal.

Try to eat one serving of starches (such as pasta and cereals), one palm-sized portion of protein (such as fish, chicken, or tofu), one thumb-sized portion of fat (such as olive oil). olives and nut butters) and a fist-sized portion of vegetables.

“This strategy means you don’t need to weigh your food, count calories, or keep track of everything.

“Your hands are in proportion to your body; its dimensions never change and it is always with you, making it the perfect measuring tool”.

When you’re inundated with different flavors, you’ll want to eat more

Emily Hall

14. Eat sweet potatoes

The cousin of the white potato, the sweet potato is a great weight loss tool and a must-have item to include in your shopping cart.

Elliott explains that sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index (GI), especially when steamed or boiled.

“The glycemic index helps measure the impact of a certain food on blood sugar.”

Foods with a low GI keep you fuller longer, control your appetite, and help avoid thermogenesis sweet cravings.

Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin A – needed for normal vision, bone growth and healthy skin, as well as Vitamin C, which can help protect our immune system and ward off coughs and colds in winter.

15. Fasting (but only three times a week!)

We’re not telling you to give up meat, but Emily says that going vegan three or four times a week can save calories.

“Plus, vegetables are lower in fat and calories and contain more water, so they can help you feel fuller for longer.

“If you choose meat, choose lower-fat options like chicken or turkey rather than hot dogs or other meats that can be higher in fat and salt.”

16. Go simple

“Limit the number of flavors you have,” recommends Emily.

“When you’re inundated with different flavors, you’ll want to eat more.

“Just think, if you had a meal of meat and two vegetables and a meal of tapas, which would you eat more of?”

It’s also important to note that this is for a short period of time and more flavors may be reintroduced in time.

17. Slow down

It takes our bodies about 20 minutes to register a feeling of fullness from the moment we start eating.

So the faster you eat, the more you consume.

When was the last time you spent 20 minutes on a meal?

Concentrate on chewing food until it is completely broken down in your mouth and put the cutlery down between each chew.

Plus, choosing crunchier foods can also help speed up eating; Crunchy foods take longer to chew, so you’ll eat less.

18. Chewing gum

Snacking throughout the day is often a sign of boredom rather than hunger, so keeping your mouth busy can help distract your mind.

“Put a piece of sugar-free gum in your mouth to mimic the act of chewing,” says Lucy.

Instead, try distracting yourself from snacking by chewing gum


Instead, try distracting yourself from snacking by chewing gumCredit: Getty – Contributor
8 ways to lose weight WITHOUT fad diets or sweaty gym sessions 18 professional tricks to help you lose STONE in just a month

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