23 things I wish I knew before playing Lost Ark | Beginner’s Guide

Lost beer keg is taking the world by storm right now, attracting over a million players, all of whom are making their way through the game as fast as they can. If you feel like getting in now but are worried about making the wrong important choices or slipping in the early game, Dorani has created a video just for you. 23 things I wish I knew before I played Lost Ark.

Of course, you’ll have to watch the video embedded above to get the full selection, but we’ve picked out eight videos that will help you understand what you need to know before heading into Lost Ark. If you know of any other tips that could go a long way to helping newer players, or are an experienced player that doesn’t know one of these tips, let us know in the comments section below. !

  • Pass and complete challenges welcome: These are great for teaching you everything you need to know about the game system! It’s in the top right corner next to your minimap, and while keeping track of each thing in order isn’t the most efficient way to use resources early in the game, it’s a great way to get a grip. all the finer points of the game. It’s better to know how things work early than to scratch your head later.

  • Level how you want: In our guide to how to level up fast we mentioned that focusing on story missions and doing side quests is the way to go if you want to max level and get into late game content as soon as possible. While this is true, players who want to stay in the game for a while will be able to return to the old areas and complete side quests. As such, level the way you like. Lost Ark is not going anywhere!

  • You can move the minimap: If you press tab, you can display a transparent map of the area you are currently in. What you may not know, however, is that by holding down the middle mouse button on this map, you can move it across the screen to your liking. We recommend selecting the bottom left corner of the screen for your character’s view to be displayed.

  • Activate every Triport you come across: You must move fast when going through Lost Ark. Therefore, make sure that you click on any and every Triport that you come across. This will save you a lot of time when passing the game and is a habit you have to practice early on.

  • Leave them the lizards alone: In terms of gaining XP, the random monsters you find in the wild aren’t worth much. Therefore, ignore random packs you encounter in the open world unless they are marked on your minimap or as part of a quest you are on.

  • How to use your skill points: You should focus on placing your points on two or three abilities to get them to level 10 and all the Tripods for each ability. Instead of putting points everywhere, focus on your favorite skills. Don’t worry about the long-term harms of investing in the wrong place! That is because…

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  • Reset skill: You can reset your skill point allocation at any time. Therefore, don’t worry too much about where you are putting your skill points. It’s not a huge undertaking, so feel free to experiment as you’re looking to make your way through the game!

  • Try to save valuable potions and battle items: One of the most valuable pieces of advice that will benefit players in the long run is not to use any instant HP recovery potions or battle items in the early game. These are priceless and expensive items, and although you get a lot of them early on, they get rarer as you keep using them. So save them when you can!

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