26 embarrassing products to order and display in your home in a beautiful, discreet box


In addition, it is great for removing self-tanner, can reduce ingrown hairs while increasing blood circulation.

Promising review: “My skin is 100% softer and feels much smoother thanks to this product!!! The difference was noticeable after ONE use, that’s true. All the other customers say how disgusting it is to see so much dead skin peeling off, and it’s true. I don’t think it only comes off after the first use though – I’ve seen improvements over time I’ve been using it for around 6 weeks and even some age and sun discolouration has gone. These are the BEST, a MUST-HAVE, the holy grail of exfoliating mittens. I definitely recommend it! Did I say I recommend it 100%? I do!” – Kindle customer. g’ma

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