3 Myths About Skins In League Of Legends

In the league of legends, skins are becoming popular purchases as they provide prestige to the players. Not only this, but they can also show their favorite champions to others by getting the rarest and most expensive skins out there. 

These cosmetics can only be recolored, or they might change a champion’s recalls, audio, animation, and mechanics. Currently, over 1300 unique skins can be found in the game. Re-details and recolors are also available at a small cost.

Some of the price points can depend on the availability and rarity of the skin. They might be differentiated through their rarity that can range from ultimate, mythic, and common. The oldest ones are the Golden Alistar, Assassin Master Yi, and White Mage Veigar, which are the cheapest. Here are some myths to know about them.

1. Skins are Expensive

Riot Points are the currency used in the game, and obtaining the best skins doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend more. As opposed to what others are saying, you don’t really need a lot to obtain the best in-game skins. Some get it at a very low price point by using programs like Faceit. 

Monetizing the tournaments and games allows them to earn riot points they can use in the store. Others have agreements with worldwide suppliers and contracts with external company providers to get the RP. They might use social media platforms and advertising to get the rare ones.

2. It’s not Safe to Purchase Accounts

It’s a myth that it’s not safe to buy accounts with your favorite skins. You might want to know more on sites like and get the best ones from early adopters. The rare finds are the Victorious and the season rewards from the previous years.

You just have to find a legitimate provider with access to old accounts. Some might have the Triumphant Ryze, where they won at a tournament. Others have obtained it through Hextech crafting and opening chests. Although the practice of buying accounts is frowned upon, this is something that you can do if you want to get an Unchained Alistar or Riot Girl Tristana that was present in previous promotions, and it’s still safe.

3. It’s Possible to Obtain Legacy Skins

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Unfortunately, once an event or a limited-edition skin has been released, it’s not available anymore for the two players. Riot Games have retired some of its legacy champion apparel, which is no longer available for purchase. However, some can reappear in specific circumstances, and you might want to get an account that owns what you want.

These epic and rare costumes are still visible with the previous owners and are playable even if they are retired. Others might want to pick the highly-collectible ones, but they are not the owners of a champion yet. With this said, you might want to get them at a discounted price so you will know their appearance immediately after obtaining the skin.

Other Basic Information To Know About

Since the apparel is considered the primary cosmetic in-game, it can change how a champion recalls, talks, and appears on the screen. Some of the oldest are available in-game, where players can receive 400 RP when completing the tutorial period, and they can purchase a skin at 390 RP. 

Some options range from 520 and 3000 RP. The more expensive apparel is, the more it will be unique and high-quality. The ones with the 500 RP price range are considered older. They consist only of color changes, and there are no animations. However, the ones at the 1350 RP may have unique features and are new releases with changes in the recall, mechanics, and animation.

Legendary Versions

The legendary tier differs from the others because of the changes in their in-game sounds and voice-overs. The rarity might fetch 1800 RP or more, but you might find that the Surprise Party Fiddlesticks and Primetime Draven can be available at only 975 RP.

There are over 78 legendary apparel available. Some champions might be lucky to receive one, while others have multiple skins over the years. Yasuo has gained three legendary garbs so far, while Thresh, Ezreal, Ashe, Cho’Gath, Ahri, Corki, Leona, and Lux have two each. Learn more about guides in playing League of Legends on this site.

Ultimate Versions

A step above legendary is the ultimate tier. There are six ultimate skins that have different mechanics and designs that make them enjoyable. Players can listen to the pre-recorded tracks and music throughout the game while playing their favorite champions.

The recent additions like the K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine are a different story. It tells the journey of Seraphine as a pop star, and it’s shown in a three-part version. Two unique icons emotes and loading-screen borders accompany the unlocking of this apparel.

Not Just a Cosmetic

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Many players might not be aware that the skins may offer hidden perks while they are playing. They might be interactions between champions and others associated with a unique theme. The Sun Warrior Leona might do less damage through Sunlight passive if the champion wears sunglasses.

Others might find it fun to make the Blue-buff golem or sentinel dance through their skins. This is generally seen with the Popstar Ahri and other versions out there. Know that adding the skins is not just for cosmetic purposes. In the past, Riot Games have blocked the use of specific versions during official tournaments because they are unclear on broadcasts or caused graphical problems.

The ones like Anivia might have a clunky attack animation on the default. This has been fixed since 2009, but two skins make this champion easier to pilot, like the Festival Queen and the Blackfrost Anivia. While the company didn’t publicly announce which ones are banned, the professional players are generally informed beforehand about what’s allowed and not during professional matches.

If you want to show off your favorite skins or get the rare ones, you might want to visit the right website, where you can browse through many choices in-game.

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