5 things that should be in the movie Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Let’s not mince our words: soundThe cinematic adventures of are meaningful now. Even impossible to ignore. Sonic 2 is a great movie, but it also went on to be the highest-grossing game adaptation of all time. And you know what? It’s deserved.

Aside from only creating a few good adventures for the big screen, the Sonic films have done a convincing job of creating a new version of the Sonic canon. a universe that is easy to invest in expanding. With sound 3 officially coming, that means we can’t help but ask… what’s supposed to be in there?

We have a few thoughts; Some things we think should be in it Sonic the Hedgehog 3, whenever it hits theaters. What do you want to see?

This is a trailer for one of the highest grossing gaming movies of all time.

Mayhem and a Sonic Adventure mashup

Would it really be an homage to Sonic Adventure without an orca?

Thanks to the post-credits stinger at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, we all know what the driving force behind the next film will be: Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow was of course introduced in Sonic Adventure 2 and has a clearly established backstory (more on that later), but I don’t think that story needs to be a pure adaptation of SA2.

The parts for this customization are there, to be fair. Sonic 2 introduces GUN, a military organization that is key to Shadow’s story. But I actually think that the next movie should be based on both Sonic Adventure titles.

SA2’s Ultimate Big Bad is a dead man, Gerald Robotnik, the grandfather of the legendary villain. But the final stages of the fight are against a genetically engineered lizard meant to be a prototype for the ultimate life form, like Shadow. Anyway, for my money the ‘Biolizard’ is a bit naff.

Here, however, the two stories could be combined. What if Gerald Robotnik had experimented on an ancient god-like being instead? This is Mayhem from the first Sonic Adventure. Chaos has a strong connection to the Chaos Emeralds, and Shadow can harness the Emeralds for the power of Chaos Control – so perhaps experimentation with Chaos was involved in Shadow’s creation?

It all fits together and would allow the film to revisit iconic concepts and scenes from SA1 and SA2 alike. This would tie in with the second Sonic film also being largely a mash-up of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 – allowing for more nostalgia to be delivered at once.

live and learn

If you’re going to do a Sonic Adventure homage, one thing really has to happen, and that’s a performance of Sonic’s favorite tune from the era – the cheesy hard rock of Crush 40.

It’s true that the Sonic films have their own musical signature, with Sonic dancing to the pop music and hip-hop tracks that line the credits of both films – but if this film adapts a significant part of Sonic Adventure 2, either this song or Escape from the The city must show itself. It’s an integral part of the feel of these games.

Crush 40 would hardly be expensive to license and they have already given on record how keen they are to get involved. Even a cameo like the appearance of the Green Hill Zone theme in Sonic 2 would do the trick. But since the movie Sonic uses the Dreamcast era as a playground, the signature sound of that era deserves a nod.

Maria is overpowered


Yes, the Sonic story is… strange.

Earlier we mentioned Shadow’s backstory – and that’s what this point is all about. Sonic 3 should try and present the story as it was in the game, implying that Shadow’s primary motivation for hating GUN and Humanity is that Maria, a young human woman who was close to him (and also Robotnik’s aunt) got killed insensitive by GUN, just like its creator Gerald Robotnik.

This is a pretty dark backstory for a cartoon character, but I think the Sonic movies have a pretty good job of doing it justice. And besides, there are worse things in many Marvel movies. So let GUN shoot down Maria. Let Robotnik know that his grandfather has lost his mind. go all the way Why not?

Amy Rose

I have to admit I didn’t think Sonic 3 would adapt any of the 3D games. The next natural step for me felt like a Sonic CD adaptation – introducing Amy and Metal Sonic and completing the earliest set of Sonic characters as introduced in the games.


Here’s the tea…

But I understand it. Shadow is a big deal, it’s incredibly iconic, and the reaction from the kids in the screening I saw shows the power of its introduction. There were audible gasps and excitement! which is cool.

But there remains a gap in this series; There is no female heroine. In the early games, Amy was obviously just a damsel in distress and then an annoying Sonic fangirl – but in recent years she’s come to terms. The Sonic Boom version of the character, whipping and funny, is particularly good and should probably take inspiration from the Sonic movies. Although the best Amy ever, for my money, is the one from the British “Fleetway” comics, where she was a crossbow-wielding freedom fighter.

Casting Amy seems easier than Shadow; I can think of a number of comedians who could do an incredible job as her. And just like Sonic 2 had room to introduce both Tails and Knuckles, I believe there is room for Amy in Sonic 3. And that in turn could lead to…

A Little Planet Post credits tease


Can you imagine some Metal Sonic in there somewhere?

The Sonic films owe quite a lot to the Marvel franchise structurally – and one thing that’s lifted out of the superhero enterprise is the post-credits stinger, which of course is how we found out about Shadow.

What could possibly be the Sonic 3 post-credits scene? Well, for me the answer is obvious: I think it should be like what I envisioned for Sonic 2. A mysterious little marvel of a planet appears in the sky, chained to earth by a giant chain. Maybe we’ll see a Sonic-like silhouette with a metallic sheen…

This sets the stage for a loose adaptation of Sonic CD – a time travel adventure that could even travel back and forth along the lines of the other three films. It only seems natural.

And as a bonus? The Knuckles TV show should have Chaotix


Team Chaotix did nothing wrong. Tom Holland would voice Charmy, right?

Before we get Sonic 3 there will be another dose of the cinematic Sonic universe; a spin-off TV series for Paramount+ that will star Idris Elbas Knuckles.

Being a TV series, there is a concern here that it will only be about Knuckles’ adventures on Earth, him and a few humans. But… I really hope it’s not. It’s an obscure reference, but the Knuckles show is an ideal opportunity to expand the universe of traditional Sonic characters again. You could take inspiration from the games for that – let Chaotix join the fray!

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