6 Omicron skin symptoms you should never ignore

IF you notice strange symptoms on your skin recently, then you can easily dismiss it as dry skin or even allergies.

But experts have warned that there are some signs on your skin that could mean you’ve got Omicron disease.

If you're feeling a bit uncomfortable with the weather, it's important that you get tested for coronavirus


If you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable with the weather, it’s important that you get tested for coronavirusCredit: Getty

Throughout the pandemic, people with Covid have shown a range of symptoms, with the NHS listing a new persistent cough, high temperature and loss of smell as key signs to look out for.

Omicron has been shown to be milder than previous variants, and most people experience cold-like symptoms.

Data has previously revealed that the three most common Omicron signs causing Britons to struggle are coughs, fatigue and headaches.

But some people also have skin marks, and here are six of the most common.

1. Skin discoloration

Noticing you or a loved one has pale, gray, or blue skin can be a warning sign of Omicron disease.

This is a rare complication in severe Covid cases, which means low oxygen levels in the blood.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it’s an “urgent warning sign”.

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The CDC recommends seeking help “immediately” if anyone notices a change in color, accompanied by difficulty breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, inability to stay awake, or paleness. or new confusion.

Older and more vulnerable people are more likely to develop severe disease, especially with Omicron, but healthy young people in rare cases may need medical help.

2. Honeycomb

Previous data from the ZOE Symptom Tracking app has shown that people with Covid also develop skin rashes.

There are two different types of rash recorded by Britons who tested positive.

The first looks like a rash that comes on suddenly.

It can appear as raised and very itchy nodules – it can often start with intense itching on the palms or soles.

3. Heat spike

The latter resembles a raised heat rash all over the body, although it is more common on the elbows, knees, and the backs of the hands and feet.

A London GP had previously warned that children with Omicron’s disease present with a rash, but it had not been common in adults until recently.

Dr David Lloyd said he has seen about 15% of young adults with confirmed cases of Omicron develop spots.

They also suffered from fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite – this seems to be consistent with the most common variant symptoms reported to date in adults.

The experts at CovidSkinSigns have also reported that many people develop papule and eye rashes.

It appears as red and rough areas that can appear anywhere on the body, but as elbows and knees as well as the backs of hands and feet, they say. heat spikes.

“In some cases, it’s just tiny bumps all over the skin and the signs can be milder. The condition is often very itchy.

“The rash can also linger long after the infectious period ends and can also appear weeks after infection begins.”

4. Vivid toes

It seems anyone of any age can get Covid toe.

Although in the reports it seems Children and adolescents suffer more with this condition.

It can present as an inflamed, red toe, sometimes accompanied by a rash. The site may be painful and itchy, with blisters and swelling.

The affected toes, although some have also been reported, may appear red or purple.

Some patients may also experience painful swelling or pus.

It can last for weeks or months, and often people with it do not experience classic Covid symptoms.

This is the main symptom of the main Covid variant that appeared in March 2020 and is also the main symptom for people with Alpha disease.

5. Lip pain

Many people with Omicron say they experience cold-like symptoms that extend to lips that can become cold or chapped.

Experts at CovidSkinSigns “The lips can feel sore and can become dry and scaly as they heal. Pain inside the mouth can also occur,” says.

6. Dry skin

The experts at CovidSkinSigns have also reported on many people having eczema on their neck and chest.

“This rash appears on the neck and anterior part of the chest at sites exposed to sunlight,” they said.

“It’s usually quite pink and very itchy. It can appear any time during or after infection and usually lasts a long time.”

It is important that if you think you have contracted Covid you should get tested.

Knowing the results will help you protect others and you must quarantine if the test is positive.

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