7 car noises that could cost you thousands to fix if ignored

THESE are the seven car noises that could cost you thousands to fix if you’re late – here’s what to look out for.

Ignoring the squeak under the bonnet almost goes without saying, but leaving it can set you back a few hundred pounds.

Failure to activate these seven sounds can cost thousands to repair


Failure to activate these seven sounds can cost thousands to repairPhoto credit: Getty

That strange noise, however, could be a malfunctioning water pump pushing coolant around to keep your vehicle from overheating. A new one could cost you £280.

Another telltale sign your water pump has failed is if you see liquid leaking onto the road.

And those squeaky wheels? That could be a sign of worn brake pads, which could cost £250 to replace.

A rattle from your wheels, especially when driving over speed bumps and on rough roads, could likely indicate a problem with your anti-roll bar that cannot be repaired.

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New stabilizers and installation costs could cost you £210.

If your tire is making a rumbling or grinding noise, especially when driving at high speed on a long straight road, it may mean that your tire or wheel bearing needs repair.

Usually a visual inspection will show if there is anything wrong with the tire – just look for excessive wear, a bulge or a puncture. If these aren’t visible, it’s probably the wheel bearing, which usually requires you to see a mechanic.

The average UK replacement cost is £200 per baring. If it’s your tires, they need to be replaced.

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Another noise to get tired of is a clicking noise when you try to spin the wheel.

This could mean that there is a problem with your CV (constant speed).

Constant velocity joints connect the front axle to the wheels for turning.

They are covered by a rubber boot, which often causes problems. If these are damaged, dirt and moisture can enter and attack the joint – grease can also escape and impair the lubrication of the joint.

If you spot it quick enough you can fix it, but a full replacement could cost £200.

A squeaking noise near your engine means there is a problem with your alternator belt, also known as the drive belt.

This transfers power from the engine to other parts of your vehicle, including the alternator, air conditioning, steering, and others.

Replacing the alternator belt costs an average of €150 depending on the make and model of your car.

A rattling exhaust that could indicate a crack could cost you £125 or £100.

Groaning while turning could also cost you £300.

If you hear a loud groan under the hood when turning the steering wheel, the power steering fluid is probably low.

The power steering fluid makes turning the steering wheel easier thanks to the pressure buildup around the rack-mounted piston. Other signs are that it might be difficult to turn the steering wheel.

Topping up the power steering fluid itself will only cost you between £10-15, but if you need a flush and a replacement the average cost in the UK is around £115 – if the fluid is black or brown you’ll probably need a flush.

Ignoring the problem could result in damage to the power steering pump itself, which could cost you up to £300, so have your car checked if you’re concerned.

Simon Naylor, director at Wessex Fleet, recommends familiarizing yourself with the normal operation of your car and having any unusual noises diagnosed immediately.

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“While maintaining a car can be expensive, whether you lease or own the car, it’s important to be aware of any worrisome noises your vehicle may be making,” he said.

“Fixing these sooner rather than later could avoid later failures and rising repair bills.” 7 car noises that could cost you thousands to fix if ignored

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