7 possible signs of pregnancy before your period is late – and coffee is the main hint

There are many signs of pregnancy to be aware of as well as a missed period, including your reaction to coffee, bleeding during implantation, and morning sickness.

Have you noticed any of these signs?

Whether you’re desperately trying to have a baby or are nervous because you’re not quite ready for motherhood, many women find themselves obsessing about being able to get pregnant.

Of course, the most obvious sign is a missed period, which is normal for women to get checked out – but there are other minor suggestions.

Talk to The Mirror, the digital pharmacy Medino’s Lead pharmacist Giulia Guerrini explains that there are seven other things you can look out for.

“One of the most common early signs of ,” she says pregnancy amenorrhea. If you have regular monthly periods, a missed period for a week or more could be a sign of pregnancy.

However, this doesn’t always apply to anyone with irregular periods. There can also be other causes of your missed period, such as stress and weight gain or loss. “

And here are her other signs…

There are some giving signs to watch out for


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Blood culture bleeding

“If you have bleeding of any kind during, before or after your period, this could be a sign that you are pregnant.

“There can be very light menstrual bleeding early in pregnancy, with only a small amount of bleeding or spotting due to the implantation of blood.

“This process happens about six to 14 days after the egg is fertilized.”

Chest pain

“Pregnancy causes a host of hormonal changes in the body, with one of the earliest manifestations being sore breasts.

“This can be identified by pain or tingling sensations, as well as dark nipples and veins becoming more obvious.

“However, as your body begins to adapt to pregnancy, these symptoms should start to go away.”

Constant nausea

“Morning sickness, a sign of pregnancy often seen in movies and TV shows, doesn’t really start until around four to six weeks pregnant.

“It’s not just for the morning: the constant feeling of nausea can happen day and night, so don’t deny the fact that you could be pregnant if you’re consistently sick in the afternoon.

“The exact timing, frequency, and severity of nausea is different for each woman.”


“Food cravings are another sign of pregnancy; you may start to feel cravings for specific drinks or foods during pregnancy.

“Similarly, you may lose interest in drinks or foods that you previously enjoyed.

“This often happens with drinks like coffee and tea along with foods that are high in fat.”

Your feelings towards coffee can be a big clue


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Tired and tired

“During the first 12 weeks or first trimester of pregnancy, you may feel extremely tired or fatigued.

“This can be said to be lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar, as well as increased production of a hormone called progesterone.

“Eating foods rich in iron and protein can help fight fatigue, as well as taking the necessary supplements for pregnancy.”

Constipation and urinating more than usual

“While pregnancy is unlikely to be ruled out, you can still experience constipation or pee more than usual during pregnancy.

“Your body increases the amount of blood it makes during pregnancy, which leads to your kidneys producing more fluid.

“Specifically, you may need to pee more than usual at night.”

Mood swings

“Suddenly being overwhelmed by emotions and crying are common signs of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.

“Sudden mood swings can also occur while your body adjusts to the hormonal changes of pregnancy.”

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