7 reasons why the Hunt: Showdown Traitor’s Moon event is not to be missed

Hunt: Showdown is one of the most immersive and distinctive multiplayer shooters of the last five years. Since its original release in 2019, over 3.5 million unique players have descended into its swamps to experience its immersive atmosphere and open-ended combat. Over time, its impressive reputation has only grown as the game continues to evolve through regular updates and exciting community events.

Now a new light shines on the game’s thriving hunter community in the form of the Traitor’s Moon. Its eerie glow reveals new rewards for hunters to earn and new revelations about the world of Hunt Showdown to discover. With less than two weeks until the Traitor’s Moon takes off, here are seven reasons why you should grab your gun and experience this exciting lunar phenomenon.

Experience the tense horror of Hunt: Showdown’s unique setting

In the sultry bayou of 19th-century Louisiana, evil has taken root. The dead roam the swamps and forests, attacking everyone in sight, while terrifying monsters lurk in the abandoned settlements, littering the wetlands like corpses blown by flies. In this strange, dangerous world, teams of professional hunters compete in a deadly race to slay these monsters and claim the lucrative bounty on offer to rid the wetlands of their plague.

By searching for clues scattered throughout the swamps, players can discover the whereabouts of Hunt Showdown’s unholy beasts and battle them with powerful historical weaponry such as revolvers, bolt-action rifles, and sawed-off shotguns. But for all their strength and ferocity, the creatures that make up your prey aren’t necessarily the most dangerous foe you’ll encounter…

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled multiplayer shooter

Hunt: Showdown’s multiplayer doesn’t play by the usual rules. You won’t know where other Hunter teams are or how many of them are out there. All you know is that they’ll do anything to bring the bounty home themselves, even if that means snatching it from your cold, dead hands.

So sometimes it’s wiser to use cunning than courage. Let other hunters take on the maps’ powerful bosses, like the towering Butcher, the treacherous Spider, or the ferocious Scrapbeak. Once the beast is dead, smack these hunters hard as they rejoice in their victory and brush the bounty off their corpses. Or you can pursue them as they try to escape, set an ambush at a nearby extraction point, and take your victory from the clutches of their defeat.

How you approach a game of Hunt: Showdown is entirely up to you. Because what happens in the bayou stays in the bayou.

Unlock new weapons and legendary skins

As the Traitor’s moon rises over the world of Hunt: Showdown, players will have the opportunity to earn a variety of exciting rewards. Starting off, there are four new weapons that players can add to their hunter arsenal. The Scottfield Brawler and Berthier Riposte feature powerful melee variants for added combat flexibility, while the Caldwell Model 92 New Army and Winfield Model 93 Slate are all-new firearms making their debuts during Traitor’s Moon. In addition, players can also unlock a variety of Legendary skins for weapons and gear.

These four fearsome firearms can now be unlocked for your hunter. And time is pressing. When the Traitor’s Moon wanes, Hunters will have to wait another 20 days before these new weapons are unlocked again, so now is the best time to grab these new weapons!

Earn rewards as you play at no additional cost

The waters of Hunt Showdown’s bayou may be murky, but how you earn rewards during Traitor’s Moon is crystal clear. If you own the game, you don’t have to insert an extra coin. All goodies awarded in the event can be won by collecting event points. There are a variety of ways to earn these points. You can just play the game, earn points by investigating clues and successfully extracting them with bounties. Or actively seek out special in-game items like ‘Orwellian Effigies’ that reward players with Event Points when destroyed.


Learn more about the unique world of Hunt: Showdown

Under the faint glow of the Traitor’s Moon, players can shed new light on the mysterious world of Hunt: Showdown, in an event where story plays a more important role than ever. The inscrutable Mr. Orwell Chary, administrator of the American Hunters Association, has his own mysterious plans during the Traitor’s Moon, and clever hunters can gradually unravel these machinations during the game.

Join a game that is constantly being updated

Traitor’s Moon is just the latest event to add to Hunt Showdown’s addictive multiplayer. In addition to annual themed events for holidays like Christmas and Halloween, Hunt also sees frequent game-changing special events. For example, at last year’s As the Crow Flies event, hunters worked together to reveal the identity of a brand new boss, the formidable Scrapbeak, while all contestants received a new pistol, the Dark Miasma. Last year, Hunters also ventured into new territory via a massive new map, DeSalle. More new features will be added to Hunt throughout 2022, so hunters should keep their weapons sharp and their wits.


Hunt Showdown (and all of its DLCs) is currently cheaper than ever

With the release of Traitor’s Moon, Hunt: Showdown goes on sale for the first time ever. Players can currently get 55% off Hunt: Showdown. The game will be on sale until April 7th (but rest assured; there will be many more in-game sales and events coming after that).

If that’s not enough to encourage you to wade in, Crytek has also combined four of Hunt Showdown’s DLC packs into a new pack, the Moonrise pack. This includes the existing DLCs The Kid, Llorona’s Heir and The Rat, as well as a brand new DLC called Meridian Turncoat, introducing the fearsome legendary hunter Wim Jansen – also known as Turncoat – as well as a new legendary weapon and a legendary ammo box.

Players can currently get a 35% discount on the Moonrise Bundle (which includes the base game), which is now the opportune moment to get involved in this endlessly fascinating multiplayer shooter.

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