8 Important Warning Signs of Suicide You Need to Know

Thoughts of suicide can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or background. They can be traced back to an untreated mental condition. This Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, it’s time to raise awareness about this often shunned or stigmatized topic.

This month, organizations like the National Alliance of Mental Illness are highlighting the Together for Mental Health campaign, which works to get everyone talking about better mental health care. To help someone contemplating suicide, you should be aware of the important warning signs.

Here are eight of the top warning signs you should never ignore:

Speaking of suicide

One of the most important warning signs of suicide is suicidal thoughts or the preoccupation with suicidal thoughts. This is when a person talks about killing themselves, acquiring a gun that could end their life, or expressing how they wish they had never been born.

A person with suicidal thoughts may also periodically ponder what life would be like without them or how they would end their life. They may even go through the agony of preparing for their suicide, such as B. acquiring a weapon or researching methods by which they can carry out their suicide attempt.

Speaking of having no reason to live

The suicide rate in Japan fell slightly among men in 2020 but rose sharply among womenAFP/Philipp FONG

Some people who are having suicidal thoughts may also talk about having no reason to live. You can talk about going through immense pain in your life. They can also speak of immense shame or guilt. They may even exhibit reckless behavior that manifests itself in increased alcohol or drug use.

If someone you know is talking about something similar, ask them questions to get them to share their thoughts. Consider talking to their family or friends as well and encourage them to get the help they need.

Sleeping too much or too little

Stanford University School of Medicine confirmed that sleep disturbances could be warning signs of suicidal thoughts. This is independent of the person’s depression. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Stanford assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences Rebecca Bernert, a suicidelogist, mentioned that sleep problems, including different sleeping and waking patterns, are a sign of worsening suicidal thoughts.

Bernert said: “Sleep disorders differ from other risk factors because they are visible as warning signs but are not stigmatizing and are easily treatable. Therefore, we believe they may represent an important treatment target in suicide prevention.”

Speaking of being a burden to others

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An important warning sign not to ignore is feeling like someone has lost hope in their life. A person who is contemplating suicide may see themselves as a burden to others, so they may talk about what life would be like without them.

Be empathetic as you approach this conversation. Expert help is desired. You can also help by simply staying by their side and showing them that you care. If a person has attempted suicide, call experts who may be better able to handle the situation, but stay by their side and don’t leave them alone.

Looking for a way to end her life

A crucial sign that a person is contemplating suicide is a search history showing that they have been searching for ways to accomplish the act. You may be looking for specific ways to do this, e.g. B. for a painless or quick way to end their life. You may also see interest in specific weapons associated with suicide, such as B. Blades, poison or firearms.

Aside from searching online for a way to end their lives, they may also show an interest in conversations related to the topic and ask questions that might give them an answer to their plans. Driving fast while previously being a cautious driver could also indicate reckless behavior related to suicidality.

Feeling extremely sad, more anxious, agitated, or full of anger

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Mood swings can also be a warning sign of suicide. You may feel empty and hopeless, extremely sad, anxious, excited, filled with anger, and then suddenly show relief. You can talk about unbearable pain, whether emotional or physical.

Reuters Health also noted that warning signs in people with major depression may include the presence of “compound depressive disorder.” Knowing this warning sign is important to help doctors, families, and friends be aware of the symptoms that may be associated with an attempt. Mixed depressive states involve agitation or mania even when the patient is depressed, and this often precedes his or her attempted suicide.

Withdrawal from friends and family

Withdrawal from loved ones is one of the biggest signs that a person may be contemplating suicide. They may cancel plans or make themselves unavailable for routines they were previously interested in. You can also cancel at the last minute. When you talk to them, they may mention feeling trapped or losing interest in their favorite pastimes.

Say goodbye, give something important away or make a will

Gifted actor Robin Williams died a year after his suicide. PICTURED: Williams is pictured at the premiere of Universal Pictures’ Man of the Year event at Grauman’s Chinese Theater on October 4, 2006 in Hollywood, California. Getty Images

One of the most important things to remember about signs of suicidal thoughts is that they may not be the same for every person. Someone who is thinking about ending their life can also make plans with their friends and family — but in a way that feels like they are saying goodbye.

They can give away their most important and valuable items or ask their trusted friends to take care of their prized possessions or family. You can even write a will out of the blue or update an existing will.

If you see warning signs in someone you know, make them feel like they are not alone. Encourage them to call a suicide hotline as soon as possible and get help from a trained professional. The 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached by calling or texting.

If you’re having suicidal thoughts, you can also text HELLO to 741741 anywhere in the US for help with the crisis you’re going through.

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