9 Big Mistakes Tourists Fall Into Europe’s Top Holiday Destinations

WHEN flying abroad for a holiday, it is common to fly directly to popular attractions.

However, these places are known for attracting tourists and you might end up getting caught by some simple traps.

We've rounded up the nine big mistakes tourists fall for in some of Europe's top holiday destinations


We’ve rounded up the nine big mistakes tourists fall for in some of Europe’s top holiday destinationsPhoto credit: Getty

Locals living in some of Europe’s top holiday destinations have uncovered some of the mistakes tourists fall into – so how many do you owe?


The Royal Guard in front of Buckingham Palace is a London icon and tourists are always keen to see them.

However, many visitors are unaware that the Royal Guard are ex-servicemen and while they are not supposed to be relocating, they will not like being hassled.

Reddit user u/Leah said: “People think the Royal Guard in London are just men in silly hats who aren’t allowed to move.

“These are military men who will blow your mind if you mess with them.”

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Dining out is always a pleasure as it is great to try new foods in a new environment.

But don’t be fooled by some restaurants that appear to offer you free snacks and then charge you for them afterwards.

It’s not uncommon in Portugal for waiters to bring some bread or olives to the table when you sit down, but it’s worth checking if they’re free.

Reddit user u/BaiRuoBing said: “I always see tourists getting angry when they are charged for eating these seemingly ‘free’ snacks, but that’s how things work here. If you eat it, expect to pay for it.”


Most tourists visiting Spain expect to be able to get paella at pretty much any restaurant.

However, tourists are warned that the quality may not be as good and they should not expect to find good versions of the dish everywhere.

Alba Delgado tells Not just a tourist: “If you visit Spain but don’t go to Valencia, don’t expect to find a ‘real paella’.

“The international version of paella is seafood. However, the original Valencian paella consists of rabbit and chicken and sometimes even snails.”

Alba went on to warn tourists that they should also not eat lunch at midday, as some people in the UK do.

People in Spain don’t eat lunch until after 2pm, and restaurants often don’t open until then.

Alba said: “Spanish people eat lunch around 2pm to 3pm and that’s why most of our local restaurants open at that time.”


Staying in Spain, Las Ramblas is the main street that runs through the center of Barcelona and is full of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops.

According to a local, it’s also a tourist trap and you should avoid it at all costs if you don’t want to pay for overpriced food and drinks.

Hannah Löwenteil tells buzz feed: “There is not much decent food on busy Las Ramblas. In fact most places are huge tourist traps that will lure you in and then charge you a premium for a very bad meal.”

She advised Brits to step a few minutes away from the busy street to find a more authentic – and cheaper – place to eat.


Also, avoid eating in restaurants near tourist attractions in Paris as you won’t get traditional French food there.

Travel writer Charli advised Brits to stay away from popular tourist attractions when hungry and move away from them to grab a meal.

she said Am I French already?: “The restaurants and cafes around the Champs-Élysées, Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower and other sights are overpriced and the food is not that great.

“Plan your visit so you don’t end up starving at the tourist attractions – you don’t have to travel far to find good food.”


Over in Greece, locals once warned visitors not to trust taxi drivers as they are likely to realize you are a tourist and increase their prices.

If you need a taxi, be sure to ask the locals how much you expect to pay.

Reddit user u/I_hate_travelling wrote on the community sharing site, “Never trust [a taxi driver] If you are in Greece just ask to be overcharged.

“Stick to renting a car or at least ask some locals beforehand for typical prices.”


Italy is known for having cafes on every corner, but there’s one way tourists stand out when they walk in and order.

Italians never order coffee to go, so if you’re spotted with one, you’ll be immediately recognized as a tourist.

Sierra Meisser tells death wish coffee: “Instead of grabbing a cup and running, Italians enjoy the disruption that a coffee offers.

“Coffee is seen as a chance to take a deep breath (and sip) and enjoy a peaceful moment outside of an otherwise long day.”


Switzerland is known for its luxury watches, so it seems fitting that you would go there to buy one.

Wrong – You shouldn’t buy a Swiss watch in Switzerland as it’s likely to be grossly overpriced as the companies know tourists arrive in droves.

Instead, buy the exact same watch elsewhere and save money.

Davide Mirabella from Switzerland said: “In every place frequented by many tourists you will find one or more shops selling high quality watches.

“I often wonder why tourists come to Switzerland to buy these watches when you can just as easily buy them in Hong Kong, Tokyo or Sao Paulo.

“They’re such a common luxury item that you don’t have to travel to their place of origin to actually buy them.”

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If you do any of these nine things on vacation, you’re a embarrassing Brit abroad.

Brits heading to Spain for their next holiday are being warned not to fall for a new one Bird droppings scam appeal to tourists.

Las Ramblas, Barcelona is a tourist trap and Brits are warned to avoid it at all costs if you don't want to pay for overpriced food and drink


Las Ramblas, Barcelona is a tourist trap and Brits are warned to avoid it at all costs if you don’t want to pay for overpriced food and drinkCredit: Alamy

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