A Beginners Guide To Using Boob Tape

Did you ever have that annoying instant wherever you can’t control to fasten your top because of the terrible gap created by big boobs?

We’ve all stood there at one spot or another, and thus, flash strip was designed to set an end to this dilemma.

This tape is specially created to guarantee that your breasts stay where you require them to stay and evade undesirable flashing in low-cut clothes that might be higher on the audacious and revealing side.

Same the choice to dress a bra at all, boob tape is an unrestricted and totally individual apparel selection. If you willingly wear changeable bras or blank at all, adhere to tape for odd household tasks and offering wrapping. But if you’re questioning about the specifics of how boob tape works, adhere throughout. Before, Montes helps us reveal the logistics of implementing, dressing, and eliminating boob tape like a pro.

What variety of tape to utilize

You can apply curative tape (also called surgical tape), but not the paper kind as that normally has reasonably inadequate adhesive and isn’t very resilient. You can also utilize sports strong tape. Whatever you choose, perceive something that is reasonably spacious and stretchy (like the fabric tape); this will provide a more suitable outcome. Both of these choices are great as they are outcomes that are intended to go on your skin. A lot of personalities use duct tape, but that is more hazardous if you have irritable skin. Also, be cautious not to purchase one that has really powerful mucilage as taking it off could be disturbing.

A breathable fabric tape will also be more relaxed and less prone to obtain you perspiring than molded duct tape. Also, view that whether it will be noisy if you hug someone and your boobs squish a little a plastic tape can make a crackly noise. Some tutorials consider masking tape, but this isn’t a reliable approach; it normally does not have obvious glue, and it’s flimsy, so it will be vociferous and won’t flex properly. 

How to use boob tape

Do a patch test.

To conduct this test, split off a little piece of the tape and implement it to your skin. Two good test points are your boobs (of course) or your internal sleeve. Attempt to save the strip on concerning about as long as you would cover the boob tape. Once you switch the tape, examine for redness, swellings, infection, or itchiness. If you feel each of the above, don’t apply the tape. However, that little redness instantly after removal may be common if you have nervous skin.

Clean and dry the area first.

Don’t just pat tape on your un-showered body. Wash your boobs and anywhere you intend to place the tape completely, then let the range to air-dry before employing the tape. This guarantees that the tape will adhere correctly.

Evade utilizing creams or petroleums to your breast, arms, behind, or any other point that could evolve into connection with the strip. A polished surface will hinder it from penetrating.

Don’t tape too tightly—or too loosely

The complete spine of boob tape is for your breasts to be strong, but that doesn’t intend you should protect yourself up similar you’re in a body thrust. While dressing boob tape, you should be relaxed and still have a full variety of motions.

On the other utmost, implementing your boob tape extremely loosely won’t provide you the sort of assistance you require for low-cut, backless, or sleeveless equipment. Alternatively, your tape should be stretched tight, so it rests smooth toward your skin without drilling into it or creating pain.

Use nipple covers

No affair how you tape your breasts, it’s a great approach to apply nipple covers before taping. This guards the irritable space and supports reducing soreness. You can also use a cloth round pad if you don’t have breast covers.

Remove the tape carefully

If you understand the agony of cutting off a band-aid, sadly, taking off boob tape is a related perception. Nonetheless, you can reduce the ouch portion in each of two ways. Initial, you can use a hot shower. The vapor and hot water will unfix the stickiness, getting the tape more comfortable and less disturbing to draw off. Or you can implement oil to your skin by raising a edge of the tape and gently pulling the oil beneath. This splits down the adhesive so that you can smoothly strip it off.


With all that stated, if you’re seeming for a quality boob tape to begin with, prefer to use a lightweight and adaptable material.

Go for boob tape that is a vegan and cruelty-free commodity and is hypoallergenic—additionally,  produced from pharmaceutical grade stuff that is even impermeable!

It’s also assured to remain for up to 12 hours so you can be assured that you’ll be taken all day long.

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