A bus driver’s baby is killed in a shooting in Massachusetts


“The infant who was born requiring life-saving medical attention has tragically passed away,” Gulluni said in a news release. The woman was in critical condition.

Jose Almonte, the manager of a market near the shooting, said The New York Times that one of the men came into his shop to buy juice before the other two waiting outside attacked him. Almonte said they then struggled over a gun before the man who was jumped fired shots.

“We are in a country where youth are killing each other,” Almonte said.

Boyd McCray, a witness to the shooting, told the local news outlet Western Mass He was waiting for the bus when shots were fired.

“I heard about eight shots. I was standing on the street waiting for the bus and I just heard a bang, bang, bang, bang, then I saw a police force arrive, and then I saw about a thousand more arrive,” McCray told WesternMass .

All three men were taken into custody, but police did not name the third person involved in the brawl or say whether charges were filed against him. The New York Times reported that the third man was still at large as of Thursday. The shooting is still under investigation.

In one Opinion, Holyoke Mayor Joshua A. Garcia said he was “equal parts outraged and frustrated” and described the incident as a “senseless act of violence.”

“I struggle every day to provide a balanced solution,” Garcia said. “To be honest, I lost patience. I plan to work with every means at my disposal to drive this nonsense from our city.”

Ramos was formally charged with murder on Monday and was being held without bail, and Sanchez is awaiting arraignment on murder charges but remains hospitalized, Gulluni said said.

At Ramos’ arraignment on Thursday, prosecutors described the incident as a “firefight” in “broad daylight.” Western Mass reported.

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