A mind-blowing optical illusion could reveal some of your worst personality traits

A mind-boggling optical illusion aims to show people what their worst personality traits are based on what they see in the picture first – so what do you see?

An optical illusion of a river looking like a woman
The picture shows your worst personality trait

A unique optical illusion could reveal a lot about you as a person, as it is claimed that everything you first see in the picture hides a secret about your worst personality traits.

The picture is a visual personality test, reports the Daily Starand it is believed that images composed in this way can give you an understanding of various qualities that describe you as a person.

In this particular image, viewers should be able to see four things – a woman, a river, a bridge and a boat.

But which of these things your eyes focus on first can reveal a hidden secret about your personality, including how narcissistic you might be and how that shows to others.

Narcissists have a warped self-image with a need for constant admiration and often lack empathy — and while some of us share more of these traits than others, we all have a bit of narcissism in us.

It all depends on what you see first


your tango)

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So what do you see when you look at the picture?

The woman

Corresponding your tangoif you saw the woman first, your worst personality trait is your focus on physical appearances.

This doesn’t automatically mean that you’re vain or judge others by their looks, but it might be something you do when you’re stressed.

You also tend to build yourself up by comparing your own physical appearance to others, and you can’t help but look at your physical appearance when you’re feeling insecure.

The river

If your eyes naturally landed on the river before anything else, then you may find that you’re overly focused on social status—meaning you understand that the quality of your relationships with others is more important than anything else.

While this isn’t always a bad thing, people with this personality trait can have a hard time shifting their focus from careers to the people they love, as social status often means more to them than socializing.

The bridge

Did you discover the bridge first? If so, your worst personality trait might be your lack of empathy.

A lack of empathy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a cold person or that you’re incapable of having feelings, but it does mean that checking how others are feeling isn’t always your first thought.

It’s also not your first instinct to look after other people, and you don’t always know when others are feeling down.

The boat

Finally, when you first saw the boat, your worst personality trait is your self-esteem.

You may assume you have all the skills to do certain jobs and thus resist asking people for help, which can cause you to struggle and become overwhelmed.

Remember, it’s important to let your ego fall by the wayside sometimes and rely on the abilities of others.

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