A Plague Tale: Requiem: Chapter 5: In Our Wake Guide

CHAPTER 5 of A Plague Tale: Requiem is one of the more difficult parts of the game as there are puzzles to be solved to reunite Amicia and Lucas with their family.

Here’s everything you need to do to get the party back together in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Setting things on fire is new to this chapter.


Setting things on fire is new to this chapter.Credit: Asobo Studio

Cross the construction site

Follow the path until you come across a quarry where rats pose a danger for you to cross.

This section introduces flammable items and you need to light the first bundle of hay with Ignifer and make your way to the crane at the other end.

Fire will not deplete the hay, so when the fire dies out you can relight it as needed.

Grab the chests and let Lucas move the turnstile. Once the hay arrives, use Ignifer and then craft an Ignifer Pot.

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Throw this at the bottom of the stairs opposite to create a clear path to the next area.

On the next platform, spin the turnstile and hold it for Lucas, who will go over himself.

Have Lucas spin the turnstile, light the hay, and then command Lucas to let go so you can follow the light around the area.

There’s a ledge you need to climb, so watch out. Lucas will use Pyrite, a one-time free rat escape card. It will only take a few seconds, so hurry to the stairs.

Once you grab the chest, there will be another timed escape. Crank the turnstile all the way up and go back to the stairs, light the hay as it comes by and follow it.

Grab the loot here and grab a stick from the stack and throw it to Lucas.

Lucas will cross the rats and once he gets to the safe zone he will mention that the gate is locked.

Use a rock in your slingshot to blast open the hatch and ignite another haystack, then dash across the gap to the next platform.

Here is a workbench to upgrade your equipment. When you’re done, light a stick and head down to the brazier and to the left of the stairs.

Clear a path for the boat

There is a chain blocking the boat that Amicia and Lucas will separate to move it.

Go to the back of the shack and crawl through the gap on the right, away from the river.

Lucas can move the cart full of rocks and Amicia can then fall through the hole below.

Move forward and you can remove the body that was blocking the turnstile. Then go straight again to climb a ledge after Lucas moves the turnstile.

When you’re ready, tell Lucas to let go. You will arrive on the opposite bank, grab the chest and look up to see a counterweight.

You can bring this down by hitting the clasp with your sling.

Find a way to reach the boat

At the lock gates, go up and left to see an elevated drawbridge. Hit the clasp with your sling to lower it.

Find the moving wagon and move it to the platform by the bridge and you should be able to access the cliffs where an anemone is hidden for Hugo’s collection.

Move the cart onto the other platform that crosses the river and head up and across.

Walk down to look and press another latch to lower a new drawbridge. Man the turnstile and move the platform to the other side.

Move the cart onto this platform, use the turnstile and use the cart to climb the next platform.

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You will then be given a crossbow turret tutorial. If you don’t aim or shoot, the henchmen can’t hurt you, so be careful with your shots.

The chapter ends with a series of forced encounters and chases. The crossbow will deal with the helmeted enemies that you couldn’t deal with before.

Written by Junior Miyai and Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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