A Plague Tale: Requiem – top five tips for beginners

SURVIVE is the name of the game in A Plague Tale: Requiem as you, as siblings Amicia and Hugo, try to find a way through plague-ravaged France.

Not only was the Black Death rampant in the 14th century, but it’s in the midst of a war, and cultists and slavers are trying to kidnap you at every turn.

Tar can be used to take out enemies quickly.


Tar can be used to take out enemies quickly.Credit: Asobo Studio

As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, when Hugo becomes depressed, swarms of rats break through the earth’s crust.

It’s okay to fight if your main weapon against all of this is a simple slingshot.

Check out our top five tips for getting the most out of A Plague Tale: Requiem:

Stick to the playstyle that suits you

As in many RPGs, Amicia gains benefits based on how she completes each enemy encounter.

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Striving for stealthy takedowns will gain Clever experience, while direct attacks will grant her Aggressive experience.

There are a limited number of combat stages, so sticking to one style to tackle each encounter is important to gain access to a powerful ability in this category.

Both Prudence and Aggressive are strong playstyles, and we favor these over the third style, Opportunism, which relates to Amicia’s crafting skills.

Here are all the skill trees so you can choose which ones to focus on.


  • Light step: Amicia makes less noise when moving, making it less noticeable to nearby enemies.
  • dexterity: Thanks to a better sense of balance, Amicia moves faster while crouching.
  • throwing posture: Amicia improves her posture to throw objects farther.
  • Armor Piercer: Amicia can stab armored enemies in the back as she can now see their weak spots.


  • Grappler: Being aware of her surroundings, Amicia can throw enemies into fire or rats when attacking in melee, killing them instantly.
  • Restoration: Amicia stays calm when attacked and recovers faster from hits.
  • vital points: Knowing her health points, Amicia strangles enemies faster and more quietly with her slingshot.
  • Fast fingers: Being more skilled, Amicia reloads and uses her weapons much faster.


  • Alchemy Knowledge: Thanks to better knowledge of alchemy, Amicia produces alchemical ammunition faster.
  • Nothing lost: By optimizing her alchemical crafting, Amicia has a chance to save a resource that she uses when crafting alchemical ammo.
  • Material Department: Amicia is more meticulous and obtains pieces when crafting alchemical ammo.
  • Pure product: Amicia perfects her art and uses the same resources to create another alchemical ammo.

Running away is often the best strategy

If you are accidentally spotted by an enemy, there is absolutely no shame in running away as quickly as possible.

Taking on unnecessary enemies can waste your resources, and it’s pretty easy for enemies to lose sight of you.

You can make your life even easier by running through a bush and crouching on the opposite side.

Most of the time the AI ​​will enter the bush and then quickly give up the chase and walk away.

This will allow you to go back into stealth mode. However, if it’s a small bush, they can still spot you.

Use Exsanguis and Tar to buy yourself time

When Exsanguis is thrown at an enemy, it creates a small cloud of dust that gives you a few seconds to run away.

Although intended for putting out fires, this secondary effect can be especially helpful when overwhelmed by enemies.

If you combine it with a pot, the dust will affect the entire area, giving you even more time to move away.

Similarly, Tar can be thrown at an enemy for a few seconds as a distraction.

It distracts enemies for a shorter time, but you can then set it on fire to deal heavy damage. You can then also use a follow up attack to take them out.

Armored enemies cannot be killed this way, but it will delay them for a long time.

Tar doesn’t work on shielded enemies, but Exganuis pots can be effective when aimed at their feet.

Spend time looking for junk

There are four other talent trees in the game that level up as Amicia scavenges for junk and tools.

You can’t max out all four in a single run, however, as Glory doesn’t have enough junk in it.

We recommend trying to maximize the Instruments tree first, as Amicia can upgrade without tools.

Each stage has a hidden treasure chest that requires puzzle solving and tactical combat to reach, but the junk is worth the effort.

Always carry a knife with you

Every now and then you will come across a locked workbench that requires a knife to open.

Inside are a large amount of scrap, tools, and crafting materials, as well as the ability to upgrade your gear.

While knives are useful in combat, they’re even more useful in these situations.

When you’re low on knives, resist the urge to use one when you’re under attack.

While this can result in a game over, it’s worth returning to the final checkpoint to salvage your knives.

Written by Junior Miyai and Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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