A reboot is a step forward for the franchise, but is it enough? [Fantastic Fest]

In 1987, Clive Barker released “Hellraiser”, the stylish, artistic, quirky, quirky horror photograph adapted from his own novel, “Hell’s Heart”. The film became a huge hit and introduced audiences to the cenobites, a group of S&M creatures – angels to some, demons to others – who were summoned from the dimensions by a puzzle box to bring people indescribable joy and pain. The leader of the group, Pinhead, is instantly iconic, and when that happens, sequels will follow. Sure, there are a total of 10 movies coming out of the “Hellraiser” world, each more disappointing than the last. The series turned disastrous, using unused scripts for thrillers and clumsily Pinhead shoeing into the mix. Worse still: the sequels also completely betray what made Pinhead and his cenobite friends so memorable. In the first and second seasons, which were shot continuously, Pinhead and his gang weren’t necessarily evil demons from hell. They were otherworldly beings who had to go through excruciating pain. And if they drag a few people to their deaths in the process, well, that’s okay too.

But as the movie continues to evolve (or recede would perhaps be a better word), Pinhead changes into a Freddy Krueger-style killer, spewing villains and stalking everyone like a killer ordinary mass people. Over the years, as the franchise took a turn for the worse, there was a lot of talk about a potential remake, or reboot, or re-imagining, or whatever you want to call it. Now, it’s happened (it’s actually one of two reboots on the way; there’s also a TV series headed for HBO Max). Pinhead is back, now played by Jamie Clayton, our first female Pinhead. This idea is not far from the source material – the character appearing in “Heart to Hell” is described as androgynous, with a feminine voice. David Bruckner, who recently directed “The Night House,” and is so creepy, is directing here, and it’s a promising idea. Bruckner’s “Night House” has a certain “Hellraiser” – for it, complete with an obsession with material structures and forms that can be used to summon otherworldly things. So when I heard Bruckner was the one to bring the new “Hellraiser” to life, I cheered. With the franchise struggling so much, bringing in someone like Bruckner could just be a step up, right?

Answer: yes. How can it not? And… Bruckner’s “Hellraiser” still feels flawed, though not for lack of trying. Pinhead and the new cenobits here are really scary and weird – but try to watch them for most of the movie’s length. They all have a nice new design, but movies are so murky and dark that you might need to turn up your TV’s brightness. Barker’s original films were also trafficked in the dark. But we can still see what happens on the screen. However, the real problem with Bruckner’s “Hellraiser” is that it often feels generic. I don’t even love the original Barker movie that much, but I feel difference. Barker is never the best filmmaker, but he knows how to create an otherworldly atmosphere that stays in your brain. I can’t say the same for what Bruckner is doing here. On top of that, the kinkiness inherent in the series is completely gone (there are sex scenes for sure, but they’re pretty vanilla). “Hellraiser” 2022 is the best movie in a while, but that doesn’t say much either.

https://www.slashfilm.com/1024246/hellraiser-review-david-bruckners-reboot-is-a-step-up-for-the-franchise-but-is-that-saying-much-at-this-point/ A reboot is a step forward for the franchise, but is it enough? [Fantastic Fest]

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