ABC News’ Martha Raddatz says new Biden-Trump poll is ‘hard to twist’


ABC News’ Martha Raddatz said a new poll showing former President Donald Trump defeating President Joe Biden in a possible 2024 rematch is “a tough question.”

“Whatever reservations there may be about this being an outlier, it’s hard to turn that on its head,” Raddatz said on Sunday’s episode of “This Week.” a video shared online by Mediaite.

Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile acknowledged that “it’s difficult” but said Democrats shouldn’t “panic” just yet, citing several unexpected victories the party has won in recent months has.

Brazile acknowledged Americans’ anger over the rising cost of living and urged Democrats to continue talking about the Biden administration’s successes so far.

“There is more than enough time to turn all this bad weather around and go out and make your case to the American people,” Brazile added.

“I don’t sleep at night thinking everything’s OK, okay?” Brazile admitted.

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