According to royal astronomer Lord Ludlow, aliens have been replaced by robots and humans are next

The royal astronomer Lord Ludlow has said that advanced robots could have already replaced the aliens and that humans are next and what is worse we may not even recognize the androids because they are so advanced

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Aliens could replace humans, one astronomer has claimed

According to Lord Ludlow, the royal astronomer, aliens will have been replaced by sophisticated robots and the human race is next.

Lord Martin Rees of Ludlow is the royal astronomer, an astrophysicist who supports the royal family and recently spoke at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

There he told the community that “flesh and blood” aliens have probably already been taken over by incredibly intelligent robots, but that’s not all.

He went on to say that we’re next and that within the next millennium, humans will probably be ‘supplanted’ by robots too, so we can look forward to that.

Lord Martin Rees of Ludlow believes robots could replace aliens



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He said it’s likely robots have already taken over distant planets inhabited by the “distant electronic descendants of a long-dead civilization.”

Lord Rees says the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is likely to unearth something very dissimilar.

“What shall we expect from this life? I think if we discover anything… it won’t be a flesh-and-blood civilization like ours, it’ll be something robotic and electronic.”

As the Daily Star Report, the robots we are creating today, said Lord Rees, are the first steps towards a civilization of synthetic AI life forms that will last much longer than humanity ever could.

Super advanced robots could take over


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He said, “What is certain is that after a few more centuries… 1,000 years… we will have been replaced by electronic beings and they will be nearly immortal and could go on for the rest of the history of the universe.”

Lord Rees added that the same process has likely already happened on other planets across the galaxy: “[Another inhabited planet] would likely be far beyond Earth, with no evidence of intelligence, or far ahead, in which case we would see the distant electronic descendants of a long-dead civilization.”

SETI expert Seth Shostak agrees that all interstellar travelers are far beyond their biological bodies and the first extraterrestrial beings we encounter will be based on AI rather than living beings.

Seth that it’s impossible to guess their motives: “Since they’d be machines rather than living beings anyway, it would be hard to gauge what they would be interested in.”

Meanwhile, Bill Nelson, the agency’s new head, told a NASA press conference that an investigation into whether extraterrestrials had visited Earth was already underway.

Nelson, himself a former astronaut, has asked scientists to investigate recently authenticated UFO sightings. One encounter that was examined dates back to 2004.

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The famous “Tic-Tac” sighting was made by two US Navy pilots who saw the sea “roiling” beneath a smooth, white “Tic-Tac”-like object hurtling away from them at incredible speed.

At the conference, Nelson said there had been “hundreds” of sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena — or UFOs — in recent years and “we take it very seriously.”

He vowed that NASA “will approach this issue from a scientific point of view since we are a scientific research organization.”

When a reporter asked if the objects seen on US warships and other military installations could be hostile, he said, “Do I think it’s an enemy? I hope it’s not, because the Navy pilots would describe it like this: ‘It’s here and then it’s over there, with no time in between,'” he said.

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