Actors we want to see in Heat 2

In 1995, director Michael Mann delivered what was arguably the best heist ever made in “Heat”. It shows Robert De Niro as an adept thief named Neil McCauley who finds himself at odds with Al Pacino’s Lieutenant Vincent Hanna as McCauley’s crew shrinks to a major score. What emerges as one of the best cat and mouse crime thrillers ever to hit the silver screen.

Now, nearly 30 years later, we have a sequel in the form of the novel “Heat 2,” which Mann actually co-wrote. Not only that, but the filmmaker has revealed that he has every intention of turning the novel – the prequel and sequel – into a movie. But, unless we go the “Irish” route and reduce everyone’s age a lot, we’ll need new actors to take on these roles. So who should fill out the cast? We have some suggestions!

Essentially, actors need to be able to play the role seven years before the events of “Heat,” as well as immediately after. The idea here is to find someone who can do both, using makeup and other techniques to make them look a bit older/younger depending on whether we’re in a prequel or a sequel. story. With that in mind, let’s find out.

Bradley Cooper as Neil McCauley by Robert De Niro

Finding someone to fill De Niro’s shoes was a tall order. Part of what makes his performance so great is that it is so underrated. Presumably for the “The Hangover” movies, Cooper has made a pretty decent career out of being both handsome and untalented, while also having a wide range of activities available. Just watch something like “Silver Linings Playbook,” in which he plays De Niro’s son. Cooper is the right age, has the looks and definitely has to do it. By the time “Heat” was made, De Niro was one of our biggest and brightest movie stars. The current? Cooper is one of the current generation. In a way, it was the smoldering of the torch.

Oscar Isaac as Vincent Hanna by Al Pacino

So often when fans on the internet start sharing their dreams for a role, Oscar Isaac’s name comes up. There’s a good reason for that as Isaac has established himself as one of our finest actors, in everything from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” to less talked-about roles like “Triple Frontier”. But if there’s one man who can capture Pacino’s ultimate energy, it’s this man. Heck, Isaac loved the channel Pacino had on “A Most Violent Year.” Plus, the image of Isaac’s Hanna working against Cooper’s McCauley becomes easier to imagine. Sorry Mr. Pacino, but Timothee Chalamet is too young.

Jeremy Allen White as Val Kilmer’s Chris Shiherlis

Val Kilmer is a performer of very little and extremely difficult to take down. In “Heat”, the actor was at the peak of the game and at the peak of his career. Chris Shiherlis, the loyal criminal, addicted to gambling is easily one of his best roles to date. Finding someone to imitate Kilmer would be a fool’s errand. What you need is someone who also has an energy that is hard to pinpoint who can interpret that performance. “The Bear” star Jeremy Allen White seems to be up to the task. The actor has had great success with Hulu’s food-focused series, but White has delivered great work elsewhere, including “Shameless” and “The Rental.” He’s not Kilmer, but neither is he. At least let him capture the spirit of Kilmer.

Michael Shannon as Jon Voight’s Nate

Jon Voight can go from reserved but efficient (“National Treasure”) to end of rail (“Anaconda”). Actors working today that match age and looks are few and far between, but Michael Shannon feels like a natural fit. From “Man of Steel” to “Knives Out” and everything in between, Shannon has proven to be one of the most compelling actors working today, capable of doing almost anything while having an unfathomable charisma. determined. If anyone can grasp the mystery of Nate, helping the criminals in the world, it’s Shannon.

Natalie Portman as Justine by Diane Venora

Natalie Portman had a role very early in her career as Vincent Hanna’s stepdaughter in “Heat.” Her mother? Diane Venora. Oddly enough, when Portman became her own, she actually looked more like Venora around that time than one would imagine. Dye your hair a little bit black? It’s entirely possible she’ll return to the world of “Heat” again to play a completely different role. It would be a fun way to bring things to life and as far as the actors go, it’s hard to do better than Portman in terms of raw talent. (It’s worth noting that the character doesn’t actually appear in “Heat 2” for flashbacks, but Portman’s character in the first film appears briefly.)

Michael Gandolfini as Tom Sizemore’s Michael Cheritto

Tom Sizemore has been a character actor for a long time. He was a key member of McCauley’s crew on “Heat,” so of course he’ll be back for the sequel’s prequels (if that makes sense). Sizemore, again, has a unique energy and look about him. Answer? Michael Gandolfini. The son of the late James Gandolfini certainly has the looks and in “The Many Saints of Newark” he has earned enough respect to command a big role in the big sequel. This felt like a real chance to see what the kid could do in a very different genre of crime thriller.

Daisy Ridley as Amy Brenneman’s Eady

Eady is a hugely important character in “Heat,” giving McCauley something he didn’t know he needed: companionship. However, as we see at the end of the film, the master thief is still willing to give up anything – including the love of his life – to evade the law. No doubt the aftermath of the bank heist will involve interrogating Eady so she’ll be a factor in “Heat 2”. Daisy Ridley, known for playing Rey in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy, is totally in shape if we put her under a big curly hair. Also, Ridley really didn’t get as much of a chance to shine after “Star Wars” as she should have. This will be a great opportunity to see her show off her skills in a new way.

Julia Garner as Ashley Judd’s Charlene Shiherlis

One of “Heat”‘s emotional landing spots is Ashley Judd, who plays Charlene, Chris’ wife. Throughout much of the film, there is an argument between them. In the final moments, however, we see love between them once again as Chris escapes with the quiet help of his wife. Capturing that will be a daunting task, but Julia Garner, who has proven her absolute morphing abilities on shows like “Ozark” and “Inventing Anna,” seems more than a task. She’s a chameleon, her age, and definitely charismatic. What more can you ask for?

Danny Trejo as Danny Trejo’s Trejo

Finally, and just for fun, how the hell can’t we talk about Danny Trejo’s character, who (and this is true!) is named Trejo in the movie. If you’re about to age a person or are deliberately ignoring the age difference for good, let Danny Trejo come back and reprise the role. Why not? Trejo has a very personal energy and I’m willing to bet audiences will overlook the age difference just to bring him back to the screen. Plus, at least having one member back would be nice, wouldn’t it? Actors we want to see in Heat 2

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