AFK Arena Baba Yaga (Melusina) Skills & Abilities

Melusina aka Baba Yaga will be the next space character to be included in the popular AFK Arena. This new hero is said to be added on February 2, 2022 and will be available through an exchange event. You’ll have 60 days to gather a bunch of different resources, and if you can pile them up you can buy yourself dimensional heroes. If you want to know what abilities you can expect from this character, we’ve listed them below.

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List of abilities of Baba Yaga


Melusina summons a Treacherous Treehouse in the middle of the battlefield dealing a certain amount of damage to all enemies in the area, and knocking them up, stunning them for a few seconds. Moments later, a deadly Sorcerer’s Flame is launched from the treehouse, dealing a certain amount of damage to all enemies in the original area of ​​effect. Treachrous Treehouse prioritizes the area most crowded with enemies.


Melusina commands her Treacherous Treehouse to launch an attack from the ground that deals a certain amount of damage to a small area of ​​enemies. If the damaging attack succeeds, affected enemies are knocked to the ground and stunned for a few seconds, taking additional damage equal to the range of their maximum health value. The value of the bonus damage increases depending on how low her enemy’s current health is. The value of the bonus damage cannot exceed a certain percentage of Melusina’s Attack Stat.

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SHORT Algorithm

Melusina switched to three different potions that were dropped by the crow into the area with the most enemies. When a potion hits the ground, it explodes, dealing damage equal to a certain percentage of Melusina’s Attack Rating to a certain area of ​​the enemy, while also creating one of the following effects:

  • Potion of Deceleration: Trapped enemies lose some Attack and Attack Speed ​​Ratings for a few seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.
  • Potion of Enervation: Trapped enemies lose some Energy.
  • Potion of Enmity: Trapped enemies lose health by a certain percentage of each attack’s Melusina Rating
    seconds in seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.


Melusina waved her magic staff in the air as she stole an enemy’s soul, instantly stealing a certain percentage of their current Attack and Defense Stats, while also causing Enemies are affected by “Soul Pilfer” for a few seconds. Over the next period, Melusina will occasionally steal a certain percentage of the enemy’s current Attack and Defense stats. When Melusina or the enemy dies, or the effect of “Soul Pilfer” ends, all stolen attributes will be returned. This skill can only be used against the same target for a limited time, and the maximum value stolen from any attribute is based on the current percentage of Melusina’s respective attribute.

SOUL TAKER (Signature Item Skill)

When the skill “Soul Pilfer” continuously steals attributes from enemies, it will also steal some Energy from them each time.

SAFETY & SOUND (Fluidability)

When Melusina takes critical damage for the first time, this damage will be ignored and Melusina will return to her Treachrous Treehouse, during which time she will heal for the next seconds. Melusina heals by a certain percentage of her maximum health each time she previously used the skill “Soul Pilfer”. When the skill ends, Melusina will return to the battlefield.

That’s all you need to know about the Baba Yaga character that will be added to the game soon. We have many more tutorials that you will find in AFK Arena section on our website. AFK Arena Baba Yaga (Melusina) Skills & Abilities

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