After Bella Hadid opens up about her struggles with rhinoplasty, we look at celebs who regret going under the knife

The pressure to look perfect in public has led many celebrities to undergo cosmetic surgery to maintain professional success.

After all, showbiz is a cutthroat world, and the pressure on stars to look their best at all times is real.

Many consider it a taboo subject that they prefer to keep to themselves. But more and more high-profile women are coming forward to share their stories of changing their looks — especially if it’s a move they now regret.

Just this week, Bella Hadid did a candid and candid interview with Vogue, in which she opened up about various past fights – and revealed for the first time that she had been working on her nose.

Bella revealed that she was only 14 when she had her nose job done and now she wishes she hadn’t. The star, who is of Dutch and Palestinian descent, added: “I wish I had kept my ancestors’ nose. I think I would have grown into it.”

She also opened up about her struggles with body image and mental health, saying she always felt “uncool” compared to her big sister Gigi, who rose to supermodel fame before Bella followed her into the business. “Over the years I became a good actress. I put on a very smiling face or a very strong face.”

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Bella is the latest star to open up about her post-cosmetic regrets.

Linda Evangelista was one of the original supermodels, commanding tens of thousands for every runway appearance. But last year Evangelista revealed she had been living a reclusive life in recent years after undergoing a “fat-freezing” procedure, which was seen as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Linda Evangelista

Linda has even launched legal proceedings against the company involved and tearfully shared how it had impacted her life in an interview with People magazine in the US last month.

“I loved walking the runway. Now I’m scared of meeting someone I know,” she said. “I can’t live like this anymore, hidden and ashamed. I just couldn’t live in this pain any longer.”

Evangelista has been diagnosed with a rare side effect of the treatment, leading to hardening and expansion of the affected fatty tissue.

Courtney Cox


Courteney Cox will, of course

Friends star Courteney Cox also went public to say why she decided to ditch fillers. Five years ago, she announced that she had broken them up. Courtney, who has been in a relationship with Irish Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid for several years, said in a recent interview that she is embracing life at 57.

“There was a time when you were like, ‘Oh, I’m changing. I look older.’ And I’ve been trying to chase it [youthfulness] For years,” she said. “And I didn’t know that, oh shit, I actually look really weird with injections and do things to my face that I would never do now.”

She’s enjoying a career resurgence thanks to the new Halloween movies that have brought one of her most iconic roles back to the big screen.

Now Jamie Lee Curtis has not only spoken out about her regrets about working in the past, she has become a natural beauty advocate and has recently embraced her gray locks.

Jamie Lee Curtis

“I’ve long been an advocate for natural beauty, largely because I’ve had the trial and error of the other part,” she told Lorraine last year. “I had plastic surgery – it didn’t work, I hated it. It made me feel worse.

“The first time I cut my hair short I was like, ‘Oh! Oh my god. Oh wow! I look like me!’ I’ve since stopped coloring it and then I’m an advocate for not f***ing with your face.

“And the term anti-aging. What? What are you talking about? We shall all come to the age of kings! We will all die. Why do you want to look 17 when you’re 70? I want to look 70 when I’m 70.”

Melanie Griffith


Melanie Griffith with her daughter Dakota Johnson

Actress Melanie Griffith also had cosmetic work until she realized the public and media were speculating about the work she had done. The Working Girl star and mother of actress Dakota Johnson chose to have the fillers removed, she revealed in a candid interview in 2017.

“People started saying, ‘Oh my God, what did she do?!'” she said. “I was so hurt — I went to another doctor and he started resolving all this shit that that other doctor put in. Hopefully I look more normal now.”

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham had her implants removed

Even Victoria Beckham has revealed that her decision to get cosmetic treatments as a young woman was the wrong one for her. “I should probably say don’t mess with your boobs,” she wrote in a letter to her younger self for Vogue. “All these years I’ve denied it – stupid. A sign of insecurity. Beckham reportedly had the work done in the late 1990s before having a breast reduction over a decade ago.

Chrissy Teigen

A few years ago, Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram to reveal that she had decided to have a breast augmentation surgery reversed. The model, who’s always been open about getting work done and the fact that she’s often embraced it, still decided the look wasn’t for her. She said the implants were “great” for her, but she wanted to be more comfortable in her own skin.

“I got my boobs done when I was about 20 years old,” Teigen later said in an interview. “It was more of a bathing suit thing. I figured when I pose lying on my back I want them perky! Talk about a weight being taken off my chest!!!” she joked.”

https://www.independent.ie/style/celebrity/after-bella-hadid-spoke-of-her-nose-job-issues-we-look-at-celebs-who-regret-going-under-the-knife-41510633.html After Bella Hadid opens up about her struggles with rhinoplasty, we look at celebs who regret going under the knife

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