Al Porter breaks five-year silence to say ‘I want to make people laugh again’

Comedian Al Porter has broken his silence for the first time in five years and revealed how he “wanted to make people laugh again” and revived his career.

e gave up his popular radio position with Today FM in November 2017 amid outrage over unproven allegations made on social media and a refusal to comment publicly. since then.

Speaking about that difficult time in his life today, the stand-up comedian said he was a “long sober” person and lived a quiet life in his parents’ house in Tallaght. .

He said that about 5 years ago he “disappeared” and his life has changed beyond recognition.

Porter says that when a series of tweets alleging accusations against him came out in 2017, he took matters in his personal life very seriously and decided to forgo all of his work commitments. me.

“Since the age of 19, my life has been a train ride, I lit a candle at both ends, overwhelming me and unable to cope,” he said.

“At that time, all I wanted to do was go home to my family, but I couldn’t even do that because the media was outside of my parents’ house. In the span of 48 hours, I felt like I had lost everything.

“Through an article, I learned that a complaint about my sexual assault was sent to the gardener. I immediately and repeatedly contacted the doctor, but it was not until a year later that I was told what the real accusation was, which I denied. It was a year before the Director of Public Prosecutions withdrew the charges against me. I wouldn’t wish those two years on anyone.”

He said during that time he had received death threats and mocking headlines saying he had committed suicide.

Porter said all the controversy started with people tweeting about him and some of them were from comedy scenes and he considers them “good friends”.

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“These are the people I admire. I was 19 years old when we all met, and they were the older comics experienced. They said publicly that I wasn’t right for them back then, some said they laughed at the time, but they felt uncomfortable,” he said.

“I miss the different events and we stayed in touch for many years, texting online and working and socializing in person. Although I started getting higher bills and some bigger gigs, I was never in a position of power over anyone, despite what some people may have written. “

Reminiscing about when he was aged 19-23, he said it was clear he was “too immature” and that he had let members of the LGBT community down, among others.

“Career wise, I was composed. But in my personal life, I can be a mess, oblivious to the times I am obnoxious. I didn’t care enough about other people because I was too busy thinking the world revolved around me,” he said.

“Don’t take it too seriously, I’m an idiot. I have let my family and friends down. I let down my partner who has been with me all this time and gone through all this. I let my community down, Tallaght, the comedy scene and the LGBTQ community. I have let down the people I have worked with. And I have let down the people who come to watch my show and always support me. “

He said he received a “huge wake-up call” about what happened and paid a heavy price.

“I learned my lessons the hard way and in the most public way imaginable. When you last heard from me, I’ve been in comedy for about 4 and a half years, since I was 19 years old. On that basis, when I was 29 years old, I spent the entire second half of my adult life. , learn and revise if I can,” he said.

He also mentioned an incident at St Patrick’s hospital where he took a picture with a service user and as he left, kissed him on the cheek and placed his hand on his chest.

“It was uninvited and made him feel uncomfortable. I accept this and for that, I remain calm, really sorry,” he said.

As for his future plans, he said on his website that he is currently “well and sober for a long time” and said he wants to return to his comedy career.

“Now, I want to make people laugh again. Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. Mine starts now,” he said. Al Porter breaks five-year silence to say ‘I want to make people laugh again’

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