Aliens will be ‘electronic beings’, not little green men, says Lord Rees on UFO ‘Cranks’

Professor Rees said humans colonizing Mars could become cyborgs within generations, but added that dealing with climate change would be much easier than making the red planet habitable

Professor Lord Rees spoke at the Hay Festival
Professor Lord Rees spoke at the Hay Festival

Astronomer Royal has asked Cranks to stop writing to him about their extraterrestrial experiences, insisting that aliens are electronic beings rather than little green men.

Professor Lord Rees added that aliens are unlikely to be “flesh and blood” and “could be a million years ahead of us”.

The 79-year-old, a former President of the Royal Society, urged anyone who wanted to inform him about an alien encounter or alien abduction to write instead.

“I get letters from people saying they were abducted by aliens, they met them, etc.” he said in The Telegraph.

“I respond with cynicism to such letters by saying, ‘Is it really likely that if the aliens had tried so hard to get here, they would have just met one or two known weirdos and walked away?’ It seems unlikely.

Professor Rees said that if extraterrestrial life forms exist, they are probably not flesh and blood


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“So I’m telling these people to text each other and not me. If we discover something, it’s probably not flesh and blood.

“It is much more likely that it is an electronic unit. It’s unlikely to be synced to us – it could be a million years ahead of us,” he told an audience at the Hay Festival.

Professor Rees also predicted that all humans settling on Mars would become cyborgs within a few generations.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX-Mars program aims to begin sending crews to the red planet in 2026, and Professor Rees said that if successful, those living there could become a “mixture of flesh and blood and robots” within a few generations ” could become.

Professor Rees urged those thinking of writing to him about alien encounters to write to each other instead


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However, he also warned that dealing with climate change on Earth is much easier than colonizing Mars.

Professor Rees also claimed that the moon landings were in danger of becoming ancient history, comparing the perspective younger generations have of them to that of the Egyptians who built the pyramids.

He also said astronauts visiting the International Space Station, which orbits Earth “rather unglamorously,” didn’t cause much excitement.

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