All of Russia’s most barbaric war crimes – from theater bombings to baker massacre – World News

As scenes of horror continue to come from war-torn cities across Ukraine, world leaders have denounced Vladimir Putin’s actions as a war crime.

Terrifying scenes of bombed buildings and street fighting have been played out in recent days in the southern city of Mariupol – as a Russian convoy continues towards Kyiv.

Reports of the use of a thermobaric vacuum weapon – before detonating the cloud in a giant fireball that drained the area of ​​oxygen – have emerged from the war zone.

Discussions have been underway about whether Russian President Vladimir Putin committed war crimes.

In the following, we take a look at Putin’s gruesome attacks on civilians and alleged war crimes across Ukraine.

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Bomb the hospital

Consequences of Russian military bombardment of a children’s hospital in Mariupol


EyePress News / REX / Shutterstock)

Last week, Russian forces bombed a maternity and children’s hospital in Mariupol.

Terrifying images showed pregnant women wading through the rubble, while others were carried on stretchers by rescuers.

At least 17 people were injured in the attack, and this week it was tragically confirmed a mother-to-be and her baby had died.

She is presumed to have died from the wound on her pelvis.

President Zelensky has once again called for atrocities by Russia as it continues a barbaric campaign against civilians and vulnerable people in Ukraine has been warned.

A pregnant woman is carried on a stretcher on a bed as she is evacuated from a children’s hospital in Mariupol


EyePress News / REX / Shutterstock)

He said: “Mariupol. The Russian army’s direct attack on the maternity hospital. People and children lie under the rubble. Brutal!

“How long will the world be an accomplice to ignore the horror? Close the sky now! Stop the killings! You have power but you seem to have lost your humanity.”

The clip shows one building completely destroyed and another badly damaged as injured patients quickly evacuate.

The children are believed to be buried under the rubble following the Russian air strike but it is not clear if there were immediate casualties.

The world has condemned the gruesome attack, with Boris Johnson calling it “perverse” – as the Vatican even commented that there was no reason for such an attack.

Theater bombing

An aerial image shows the word ‘children’ painted outside the shelter with a hopeful but futile warning to Russian forces not to bomb the site


EyePress News / REX / Shutterstock)

A drama theater where hundreds of terrified Ukrainians were sheltering from Russian forces was razed in an air strike, it has been reported.

Desperate Ukrainians paint the word “children” outside a theater in hopes but in vain to stave off a Russian attack.

In large letters, a warning in Russian script was issued before forces dropped a powerful bomb on a theater being used as a shelter for families in Mariupol, Ukraine.

The city council said it was “impossible to estimate the scale of this terrible and inhuman act” and that efforts were underway to find the identities of the victims – and how many innocent Ukrainians were killed. massacre.

A scene showing the Donetsk Regional Drama Theater destroyed by an air strike



They confirmed the central part of the site had been completely destroyed, as was the entrance to the area being used as a bomb shelter.

The statement continued: “Words cannot be found to describe the level of cruelty and mockery with which the Russian occupiers are exterminating the civilians of this Ukrainian city by the sea.

“Women, children and the elderly are still in the sights of the enemy.

“These are peaceful people completely unarmed.

“Clearly the sole goal of the Russian military is the genocide of the Ukrainian people.”

Bakery shooting

An abandoned car next to a civilian car with bullet holes


AFP via Getty Images)

13 Ukrainian shoppers queuing to buy bread were executed in cold blood yesterday in the latest horrors of the Russian military.

The shocking US statement accused soldiers of shooting people as they queued to buy bread in the crowded northern city of Chernihiv.

According to initial reports, 10 people have died but the death toll has increased.

Growing concerns about the faltering Russian advance, besieged by troop losses and shocking equipment, have led soldiers to search for innocent civilians.

Even before noon yesterday, three bombers were shot down as it appeared 13,800 Russian troops had died in just 21 days of fighting. Within hours, a Russian helicopter was blown out of the sky.

US embassy officials tweeted: “Today, Russian forces shot and killed ten people queuing for bread in Chernihiv.

“Such horrifying attacks must stop. We are looking at all options available to ensure accountability for any atrocities committed in Ukraine.”

The humanitarian corridor is blocked

A resident reacts after being rescued from her apartment by firefighters at a residential apartment building after it was hit by a Russian attack


Nice pictures)

Russian forces are also accused of blocking humanitarian corridors set up to help civilians reach safety.

However, after establishing a ceasefire last week to allow humanitarian aid to reach and remove civilians, Russian forces have been accused of breaking the agreement to launch an attack. .

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on Facebook: “The enemy launched an attack precisely directed at the humanitarian corridor.”

Ukrainian officials went on to say that the Russian military “did not let children, women and the elderly leave the city of Mariupol.”

The mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, said Russian forces continued to bombard populated areas as an estimated 200,000 people tried to flee.

thermonuclear bomb

High-powered thermobaric weapons that vaporize bodies and crush internal organs


SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images)

Ukraine’s human rights watchdog said Russia used hydrogen and phosphorus bombs.

During the first week of the invasion, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the US Oksana Markarova said the Kremlin used a destructive thermobaric bomb – a bomb banned under the Geneva convention – in its air strikes.

High-powered thermobaric weapons vaporize bodies and crush internal organs.

They use the atmosphere itself as part of the explosion and are among the most powerful non-nuclear weapons ever developed.

Oleksi Biloshytsky, the police chief of Popasna, a town 60 miles west of Luhansky, said that over the weekend Russian forces used phosphorus bomb weapons in his area.

Using a combination of the words “Russian forces” and “fascists,” he said: “That’s what the Nazis called a ‘flaming onion’ and that’s what the Russian army is dropping. our towns.

“Indescribable suffering and fire.”

Civilians ‘taken hostage’

Desperate civilians trying to evacuate Mariupol city


Ukraine Emergency Service / UPI / REX / Shutterstock)

A regional governor said Russian soldiers were holding patients and doctors hostage at a hospital in Mariupol.

Parents were also forced to leave premature babies in a hospital in the Ukrainian city where some 350,000 people were trapped because food and water ran out, the report said.

He also claimed that around 400 local residents and 100 staff members had been rounded up as human shields and were being held at the hospital in what he called a “crime against humanity”.

“Can’t get out of the hospital,” Kyrylenko wrote in a Telegram post. “They’re firing hard, we’re sitting in the basement.”

He continued: “Cars have not been able to drive to the hospital for two days. High-rise buildings are on fire all around. The Russians brought 400 people from neighboring houses to our hospital. I can’t go out.”

According to reports, the number 3 hospital in Mariupol had premature babies without parents who were forced to leave.

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