Am I doing it wrong? The interview


No matter how perfect you are for the job you just applied for, there is one thing you can do during your interview that will almost certainly turn off your potential future employer.

It all starts with a seemingly innocuous question that they will inevitably ask you: “So why are you leaving your current job?”

Understandably, you want to tell the truth – maybe your boss is a bully, or the culture is toxic, or you feel like all the hard work you do just isn’t appreciated.

We get it. Noah Michelson, my co-host on “Am I Doing It Wrong?”, HuffPost’s new podcast, and I were tempted to talk nonsense when we came across this question. But as we learned in this week’s episode, saying something negative about your current employer won’t win you any points in an interview — and it could even cost you the job.

We have with Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin, a trusted career coach and psychologist, to find out why, what we should say instead, and get her advice on what else we should and shouldn’t do to ace our next interview:

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