Amy Schumer defends Nicole Kidman’s joke after cyberbullying allegations

Amy Schumer has had enough of her critics after backlash to a recent joke.

The comedian on Friday addressed the controversy surrounding a social media post she made earlier in the week about Nicole Kidman at the US Open. The “Trainwreck” star had jokingly suggested that the actress wasn’t human because of her effortless pose in a picture from the event, only to delete Monday’s post hours later amid heavy criticism – but now she’s doubling down on her statement.

“I hope everyone is well and taking a deep breath, including all the food for thought written on this.” Schumer wrote in her new message. “Are you doing good? To all the people who commented on me. I’m so sorry I’m not prettier. Please forgive me. I apologize. It wasn’t even a slow news day.”

She then pointed out what she felt were the more important topics in the news recently, with obvious references to the increasing ties between Russian and North Korean leaders and a prison sentence for “That ’70s Show” star Danny Masterson after he was found guilty of raping two women.

“North Korea and Russia are getting too close for comfort. There is a deadly storm raging across our world and a man has been convicted of rape,” she said. “But what pissed you off was that I said that Nicole Kidman’s pose wasn’t human. Everyone breathe.”

In the photo, Kidman was seen staring intently at tennis stars Coco Gauff and Aryna Sabalenka at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, with her hand under her chin.

“This is how people sit,” Schumer wrote in a caption.

Amy Schumer said: “As a mother, as a woman, and especially as someone who also enjoys hot chatter," She forgives her critics.
Amy Schumer said that “as a mother, as a woman, and especially as someone who also enjoys hot chatter,” she forgives her critics.

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Although it’s unclear whether Kidman ever saw the post, many accused Schumer of cyberbullying the actor defended Kidman as “Queen.”

“This post seems beneath you” wrote one social media user.

Schumer, who has previously made headlines for jokes racy or sensitive Topics, clarified that her caption was not intended as dissident.

“Okay, the joke I made was that the way she posed didn’t look like a human sitting,” the comedian wrote on Friday. “I wasn’t making fun of her looks. Nicole Kidman is beautiful and one of the most incredible actresses of all time.”

The comedian said she would eventually forgive her followers even if they continued to chastise her.

“To the people who write hateful things below, I forgive you as a mother, as a woman, and most importantly as someone who also enjoys hot chatter,” Schumer concluded. “Have a good weekend.”

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