Anchorman director, Adam McKay, almost made a movie about boys

McKay said of his pitch process: “I had a crazy pre-viz reel that I made, and it was crazy, like superheroes making cocaine.” In talks with the studios, he was also adamant that the film would need to be rated R, regardless of whether any other necessary adaptation changes could be made. “It doesn’t work unless it’s R,” he said, and went on to refer to the comic as a “Today’s Watchman.”

But even though both comics explore similar thematic underpinnings, “The Boys” has always been far more disparaging. “Watchmen” features an almighty superhero character who has grown tired of humanity and ultimately doesn’t even bother to lift a finger to save the world. It may seem like an ’80s skepticism, but after reading about Homelander in “The Boys,” things about Doctor Manhattan start to seem unreasonably upbeat in comparison.

The big difference is that while both comics deal with mature themes, “Watchmen” handles those themes a lot more masterfully. When a prominent female comic book character is raped by another member of the superhero team, the incident is taken seriously, and it has a pervasive effect throughout the rest of the story. With “The Boys,” the rape scene that happens in a similar place in the story is cheaper and more gratuitous, seemingly done for humor and shocking value more than anything else.

Although McKay was is considered a promising and reliable director at the time, but he was ultimately unsuccessful in getting “The Boys” to be made into a movie. We’ll probably never know exactly why the studios never did, but that doesn’t help “The Boys” comics never come close to his masterpiece comic book series. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Anchorman director, Adam McKay, almost made a movie about boys

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