“And Just Like That…” Season 2: Summary of Episode 10


OK, but I’m trying to understand Nya’s logic when she bought this expensive gift for her ex Andre and his new baby mom. Sure, I understand it would be an inflection, but I would never acknowledge him and this relationship that way, especially if we’re not even really at the point where we’re actually having conversations about our new friends and our life after. Divorce, why on earth would I spend a dollar on you and your new future? No. Kudos to Miranda for essentially shutting down her laptop before making this purchase. Even when Nya said she wished she could just cut it from her exes like Miranda did, I felt that. – Erin

I agree with you Erin, and at first I thought the same thing as Miranda: “Close the laptop, Nya!” Walk away! You don’t owe him anything!” But I liked that Nya could tell him again: “Don’t mess with me!” I’m a successful Columbia Law School professor with lots of disposable income!” Maybe that’s one of these things you’d advise against doing in real life, but on a show like this it’s a lot of fun to watch. The trust! The dramatic flair! — Marina

I also thought this was a bizarre decision on the part of Nya, but if it makes her feel better about the situation – go for it! I loved the push and pull that she and Miranda had together in that scene. – Curtis

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