‘And Just Like That,’ The Show Ends

The interview includes gentle revelations for the season-ending season of “And Just Like That. …”

Carrie heard the call. Miranda followed her heart. And Charlotte finally became a woman. Mazel tov!

“And Just Like That…” released the final episode of its first season on Thursday on HBO Max. This new series brought three of the “Sex and the City” characters to post-pandemic Manhattan and gave them new friends, new habits, new hats. There is less sex in the original and there is more death and loss.

“We walked the viewer through a lot of things,” Michael Patrick King, the host, said on a recent video call. “Many people have reacted as if this is a rather aggressive rain of melons because of emotions. That’s good for them, but it hurts! ”

Right from the opening episode, which caused Chris Noth’s Big to die of a heart attack incited by Peloton, the film caused rave reactions with viewers. put on social network to dissect relationships, clothing, the use of the term “concert comedy”. The sexual assault allegations against Noth, rise days after the season premiere, the show’s reception became more complicated. (Actor was edited out of a dream sequence in the finale.) Each subsequent episode seems to create a new one bunch of think piece About What does it all mean?.

“To have such an incredibly engaged fan base where they care so deeply about these characters as if they were real people, that’s hard to come by,” said Julie Rottenberg, a writer for the series. story said. “So we take passion and even rage – we take that as a sign that we’ve done something right.”

There has been no announcement yet on whether the series will return for a second season. So if you have lingering questions about Carrie’s downstairs neighbor or Miranda’s commitment to social justice or Charlotte’s quest to dominate the school board, they can be answered or can be. Are not.

But a few days before the finale aired, King was on a video call with Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky, the author of that final episode, to discuss, about gentle revelations, constancy, change, justice for Steve and hope for a second season. These are edited excerpts from the conversation.

What do you want to achieve in this finale?

MICHAEL PATRICK KING To take people somewhere they weren’t in the first episode, to take them on a journey. For Carrie [Sarah Jessica Parker], which is taking her from darkness to the possibility of something new. For Miranda [Cynthia Nixon], it brought her to a point where she was allowed not just one thing but many things. And then for Charlotte [Kristin Davis]We want her to finally let go of her childish ideas of perfection and become a woman rather than a girl.

Is it consciously lighter? No one died. No one had hip surgery.

ELISA ZURITSKY I did not notice a conscious change. I feel like there’s a growth of humor and lightness throughout.

Chris Noth’s Big, who was killed in the first episode, originally appeared in the finale as part of a dream sequence. What percentage have you cut and reshaped that dream?

KING The conversation around the dream will extinguish the dream. There are seven epic performances in this finale that have nothing to do with what happened 5 months ago, or 15 years ago. And quite frankly, artistically, a dream doesn’t always go well. So when I was in the editing room, I realized: Do dreams really work? And is it worth the next press that won’t talk about how great or exciting the finale is? So what happened was that Carrie was in the dream.

This season started with Big’s heart attack. Why kill that character?

KING Carrie’s growth. And to do something radical and new. The last voiceover in “Sex in the City” is Carrie saying that the most important relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. So what I’m really interested in, from the jump, is Carrie’s substantial relationship with herself. And then there’s the very obvious pitch: Carrie Bradshaw, single again at 55. And 90% of “Sex in the City” is Carrie Bradshaw without Big, wishing she had him. So the idea that he was going to disappear – somewhere else, unreachable – felt very authentic.

JULIE ROTTENBERG The truth is, change happens. That’s just reality. To me, that was like the most realistic thing we could do. It feels completely organic to what happens, sadly, at this age.

After the first episode aired, sexual assault allegations against Noth surfaced. Does that change the way people perceive the series?

KING With all due respect, if I don’t give Mr. Big on the finale, I won’t spend any more time on this interview talking about why he wasn’t on the show.

On social media, I have seen people describe “And just like that…” as “Hate watches.” Did that reaction surprise you?

KING I love what we did. An “obnoxious watch”? I don’t even know what that means. I can find a bunch of people who “love to watch” it and say they can’t wait for next week, and they’re so glad the girls are back.

ZURITSKY One day, I was watching an episode of “Get Back,” the Beatles documentary, and I was thinking about the show as a band. If we release a new album after so many years, the initial reaction is usually, “Wait, what about my favorite song? Wait, this sounds different! “It can be uncomfortable.

KING We took the voice out. Carrie, in the old series, she had an overall look. She has summed it all up for you. There was a mattress. By removing the voice acting, we’ve put the audience in the middle of the uncertainty that Carrie is going through. Maybe it’s a bit of pride that people are feeling, that no one sums up anything for them.

I read an essay about the performance makes middle age seem like a real parasite. That’s it?

ROTTENBERG Like we did 20 years ago, we always write from experience. So everything is something that has really happened. Sadly, we are surrounded by couples who are divorced or one has died or one has had hip surgery. We relate to these challenges in life. And we always find something funny about them. We felt we had to be real with these characters and what happens at this age.

Do you feel that you completely fair to Steve? He seems like a monster.

ROTTENBERG The idea of ​​giving him a hearing aid came from real life, just like every other story we did. David Eigenberg [the actor who plays Steve] have hearing aids. I find it unbelievable that such a thing is considered an old man’s thing. It’s like, no, it’s true. Like, that’s actually real.

What happens with killing Big and leaving Steve, the show shows that characters can’t grow and change in a marriage?

ZURITSKY With Charlotte and her marriage in mind, this season we didn’t follow them together through a difficult web——

KING Intentionally. Designed by.

ZURITSKY Her marriage is living well and seems to be thriving. With Miranda and Carrie, we had the opportunity to explore other avenues of middle age development.

KING The three of us have a very long relationship. I do not believe that there is no personal growth or challenge if you are in a committed relationship. To develop this series, we had to change a few things. The funny thing is that people want it to be the show they remember. And now there are two single women!

You’ve introduced four new characters – Nya (Karen Pittman), Seema (Sarita Choudhury), Lisa (Nicole Ari Parker) and Che (Sara Ramirez). You envisioned them as protagonists. Do you think you’ve been there?

KING You’ve known Miranda for 20 years; you have known Nya for 20 minutes. It was a testament to the agenda we had to make them into real people with lives and problems, that we got there. Everything is an evolution. You know their names, and you know a little bit about them, and you know them more than 10 episodes ago. They exist and we like them. If we had more time and more episodes, they would definitely appear more.

ROTTENBERG We have to find a way to toss seven balls in this finite amount of time.

ZURITSKY There is certainly much more to discover about all of them.

If there was a Part 2, what would you like to do with it?

KING We always start each season of “Sex in the City” with the same rule: no repetition.

So Carrie won’t have another hip done?

KING First of all, it’s a birth defect. But the reality is that we try not to repeat. It’s a gold mine where you can go. We like people, and they’re all complicated. Some have more flaws than others. Some, their flaws remain undisclosed. So who knows where it might go?

ZURITSKY Miranda, when she parted with Steve on the couch, she had the words: “More, I want more. More sex, more energy, more stuff, more, more. “That’s what I wanted from the show.

https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/03/arts/television/and-just-like-that-season-finale.html ‘And Just Like That,’ The Show Ends

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