Andor Episode 4 Stages A Star Wars Heist Of Galactic Proportions

After very few references to or touches on the broader “Star Wars” universe in the first season, there’s been enough for those three volumes to be wrapped up in this one.

First, you’ll notice Cassian talking about serving two years in the mud in Mimban. That most likely places him on the muddy planet Mimban alongside Han Solo and Chewbacca during the events of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

We also learn in the same scene that Luther Rael drives a Fondor Haulcraft, which is important because of where it comes from. Fondor is an important shipyard in the “Star Wars” classic, and a major battle took place there in the recent “Battlefront II” video game. Fondor is home to Darth Vader’s Superstar Destroyer Minister was made, at least in the canon of Legends. In the current rule, it was first mentioned in the novel “Tarkin” by James Luceno. Fondor is also deeply connected with Palpatine’s Nero Decree, Campaign: Cinder.

When Luthen Rael provided Cassian with some collateral to take on the job, he gave him his Kuati Signet, tied to the Rakatan Invaders. In the canon of Legends, the Rakatan were the first beings to develop hyperspace travel and galactic travel, colonizing planets and conquering them in their name, much like the British Empire.

As the scene shifts to the Royal Security Bureau, there are many stories and planets that are suggested. Ryloth is mentioned, and this is a planet that has always resisted the power and fascism of their oppressors. During the Clone Wars, the Free Ryloth movement was active against the Separatists who occupied their planet and disliked accepting the Republic, but when the Republic turned into Empire, they also lead a freedom movement. Largely led by Cham Syndulla, the movement, among others, appears to be under intense scrutiny by the ISB. For more of that story, read Paul S. Kemp’s thriller “Lords of the Sith,” in which freedom fighters also attempt to assassinate Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine at the same time. (and almost succeeded.) They also mention Arvala-6, which makes sense to be in the same system as Arvala-7, where the Mandalorian first met Grogu.

Another interesting thing that was talked about during the briefing was the tracking of building materials towards Scarif. Scarif, as we all know, is the site of the first decisive battle won by the rebels as dramatized in “Rogue One”, but what can’t be said here is that those building materials are heading return to Scarif to complete the construction of Death. Star, moved from Geonosis to Scarif in its final years. To read more about the story unfolding in the background where the ISB doesn’t have the complete picture, read “Tarkin” and “The Catalyst” by James Luceno, as both help paint that picture in the best of ways. .

It seems that all of James Luceno’s novels are read carefully in preparation for “Andor”, as another planet he mentions in his Myths book as “Darth Plaugeis” is also named. Sev Tok first appeared in the old West End Games addition “Star Wars Adventure Journal” in a story about sentient droids taking over a ship and only appearing again when Luceno’s work passes. .

Perhaps the most interesting and startling name-drop happens in that scene between Mon Mo Hen and her husband as they discuss their dinner guests. Ars Dangor is one of them, and one of Palpatine’s main mentors. There’s a long history of the character, but he first appeared in a confirmed way in “James Luceno’s Tarkin. He may have been one of Palpatine’s mentors seen in” Return of the Jedi.” The other was Sly Moore, Palpatine’s chief of staff, first scene in “Revenge of the Sith.” It was she who vacated her seat to let Anakin sit down so Palpatine could tell stories about the Jedi. Darth Plagueis to Anakin She also appeared by his side when he declared himself Emperor.Usually these names would feel like Easter Eggs, but the menacing nature of Palpatine’s inner circle invades. Entering Mon Mo Henrich’s own home adds to the suffocating sense of dread she must feel trying to fight for what is good and right in the galaxy. Andor Episode 4 Stages A Star Wars Heist Of Galactic Proportions

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