Andrew McCarthy gives Trump supporters a reality check in 2024


Conservative pundit and former federal attorney Andrew McCarthy is warning Republicans that Donald Trump’s nomination could suffer a major setback in 2024.

McCarthy, who also appears on Fox News, said Trump cost his party the House of Representatives in 2018 and the Senate in 2020, and his involvement in the 2022 midterm election caused a planned “Red Wave” election to fail.

Still, polls show Trump is level with the President Joe Biden.

McCarthy said Democrats hope these polls would lure GOP voters into nominating Trump.

But he warned Trump would face a tough bill next year, estimating that about a quarter of Republican voters would definitely not support him.

“To stand a chance in the general election, Trump needs to match that support. But from where? Polls consistently show that Democrat opposition to Trump is near-universal. They also show again and again that his public dissatisfaction is around 60 percent. There is no reason to believe this will change.”

McCarthy noted that the various trials of Trump over the next year will result in “dramatic testimonies” in mid-campaign, which will play out before an electorate where the former president is already “deeply unpopular.”

“The country has already decided on him,” he concluded. “From here there is no up, only down. If we nominate him, he will be knocked out.”

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