Angry neighbor splits opinion after scrawling ‘disgusting’ note on elderly couple’s car to block their way

An angry neighbor is divided after he smashed the bonnet of an elderly couple for blocking a footpath.

The couple, both in their 70s, had been babysitting their grandchildren at their daughter’s house on Saturday night.

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The word “footpath” scrawled on an elderly couple’s car has divided opinionCredit: Facebook

As they were about to leave their home on Sunday morning, they noticed that someone in Sydney, Australia had written “Footpath” in permanent marker on the front of their white car.

Her angry daughter claims her parents parked their car in her driveway to help her OAP parents get inside due to their mobility issues, reports MailOnline.

She took to Facebook to vent her anger at her local community group.

She said: “My dad parked in our driveway to help my mum get closer to the house given her ability.

“In doing so, they blocked the footpath, but pedestrians could still walk around the back of the car.

“I totally understand the concerns about blocking the footpath, but writing with permanent marker all over the bonnet is gross erratic behavior and I’m absolutely disgusted to think of a person like this living nearby. “

The mother said her parents intended to move the car, but the three young children needed constant supervision.

She also felt the situation was unfair because people could still walk around her parents’ car.

Most read in The Irish Sun

She continued: “This is vandalism and illegal!! I feel so sorry for that person on every level as they would have had so much hatred at the thought of walking around a car, going home and getting a marker, coming back and wrecking a car.”

The woman said the matter could have been resolved differently.

She said: “Just WOW!!! Next time, be a person tall enough to ring the doorbell and offer advice [us] directly so we can amicably fix this and you can go the straight way you want. Or if you want to remain anonymous, write it on PAPER!”

She asked the social media group for help in figuring out who was responsible.

But some local residents disagreed with the woman, saying her parents should have known better.

One person said, “Unpopular opinion, but I don’t have much sympathy for it. Don’t block the footpath. Simple as that.”

Another wrote, “My elderly grandmother, who was disabled and couldn’t just ‘walk around the back’, used to have this problem.”

Another said: “Vandalism is illegal, but so is parking on the sidewalk. If the mother has mobility issues, then they should have been more aware themselves.”

Most read in The Irish Sun

However, the mum got some support when one person said: “Wow I can’t believe someone did that, what an asshole!!!! Your poor parents, I hope they are okay and not too upset.”

Another said: “What a bitterly sad person to have done this. I pity their miserable existence! Karma will give them a premium, don’t worry.” Angry neighbor splits opinion after scrawling ‘disgusting’ note on elderly couple’s car to block their way

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