Annoying eco-warriors DEFLATE tires from hundreds of SUVs across the UK and leave a patronizing note on the windscreen

A NEW eco-warrior group has been formed to continue attacking British motorists.

The self-titled ‘Tire Fire Extinguisher’ struck last night, claiming to have deflated hundreds of parked SUVs and left warnings on their windshields.

Eco-warriors from the new group Tire Fire Extinguishers have left patronizing notes on everyone's windshields


Eco-warriors from the new group Tire Fire Extinguishers have left patronizing notes on everyone’s windshieldsCredit: Twitter
Crowds say they deflated the tires of hundreds of SUVs last night


Crowds say they deflated the tires of hundreds of SUVs last nightCredit: Twitter

The crowd said they aim to be unable to own one of the full-size vehicles in urban areas due to emitting “unnecessary luxury emissions flaunted by the rich”.

It describes SUVs as a “climate disaster, polluting the air and making our roads more dangerous”.

But environmentalists have even taken aim at hybrids and electric vehicles – saying they “remain polluting, dangerous and congested”.

So-called “relevant citizens” targeted the thriving areas of Chelsea, Chiswick, Harley Street, Hampstead Heath, Notting Hill, Belgravia, Clapham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Liverpool and Edinburgh on their first night of action.

Many drivers said all four wheels were flat when they woke up this morning.

Others also found a calling card flyer left on their windshield reading “attention – your car kills” – informing SUV owners what happened. out “for their safety”.

The leaderless climate group encourages people to protest in their local area through instructions on their website on how to deflate tires.

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Marion Walker, from The Tire Exmpleishers, said in a statement: “The government and politicians have failed to protect us from these massive unnecessary vehicles.

“SUVs are a climate disaster, they pollute the air and are dangerous to other road users. Everyone hates them, except for the people who drive them.

“The polite demand for action for the climate, clean air and safer streets has failed. It’s time to act.”

Were you the target of the Tire Fire Extinguisher last night? Email

Tire experts suggest SUVs are a ‘climate disaster’ and are more dangerous in the event of an accident due to their size.

They also claim “air pollution is racist because people of color live in areas more likely to be exposed to toxic air” while SUV drivers “tend to be wealthier and because that tends to be white”.

Activists say owning one is “unacceptable” as they “exist purely for the vanity of their owners, who see them as a status symbol”.

They are calling for a ban on SUVs in urban areas, a pollution tax to tax defunct vehicles, and investment in public transport.

The group warned: “But until politicians make this a reality, the Tire Extinguisher’s action will continue.”


“CAUTION – your car has deflated. We have deflated one or more of your tyres.

“You’ll be angry. But don’t take it personally. It’s not you. It’s your car.

“We did this because driving around urban areas in your giant vehicle would have huge consequences for everyone else.

“Auto companies try to convince us that we need big cars. But SUVs and 4x4s are a disaster for our climate.

“SUVs are the second-biggest cause of the increase in carbon dioxide emissions globally over the past decade – more than the entire aviation industry.

“The world is facing a climate emergency. According to the United Nations, millions of people have died from causes related to climate change – droughts, hurricanes, floods, forced migration, disasters. hungry.

“So far, the impacts on you are probably minimal. We need urgent action to reduce emissions immediately. We are taking actions led by governments and their politicians. I will not do.”

“Even if you don’t care about the impacts to those far away, there are consequences for your neighbours. SUVs pollute the air more than smaller cars.

“SUVs are more likely to kill people than normal cars in a crash. Psychological studies show that SUV drivers are more likely to take risks on the road. SUVs are unnecessary and just plain wrong. pure vanity”.

“That’s why we’ve taken this action. You should have no trouble getting around without a gas exhaust by walking, biking or public transport.

“Driving hybrid or electric? These are still polluting, dangerous and congested. See more on our website.”

It comes just months after Insulate Britain caused chaos on the highway by recklessly running in front of traffic and keeping her hands on the road.

Sussex Police are calling on CCTV police to be able to help with their investigation after multiple drivers reported that their vehicle had been targeted.

Cars parked on five roads near a school in the Green Party constituency, Brighton were rammed by eco-soldiers in the early hours.

A spokesman for the force said: “On Tuesday morning (March 8), police received reports from residents of the Brighton area about a flat tire on their vehicle.

“It is thought that cars at Balfour Road, The Drive, Lowther Road, Maldon Road and Newells Close were targeted in the early hours of the morning.

“Investigations are still ongoing and anyone with information or footage from the area that can help their investigative officers is asked to report it online to police or call 101.” lead serial number 111 dated March 8.”

Police Scotland are investigating to “determine whether there is any crime involved” after a flat tire was reported in the The Grange area of ​​Edinburgh.

A force spokesman said: “Officers received reports of a tire being intentionally deflated in the area of ​​The Grange, Edinburgh on Tuesday, 8 March 2022.

“Investigations are underway to determine if any crimes were involved.” Annoying eco-warriors DEFLATE tires from hundreds of SUVs across the UK and leave a patronizing note on the windscreen

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