Argos Implications and Lost Ark Content in the Future


Lost Ark had one of the most successful launches of nearly any MMO in history, smashing Steam peaks and concurrent player records, showing a lot on Twitch, and surpassing almost any competition. hope. It was expected by many, as the game was a huge success in Korea and Russia. Lost beer keg has been widely praised for its large amount of content, both casual, serious and competitive; more specifically raid.

One of the most popular videos that came out before the game was released was by Saintone’s “How difficult is it to raid in Lost Ark?”, which provides insight into how raiding is possible at the highest level. This adds even more anticipation and excitement to the Western release. More and more classroom instructors are born, resources are plentiful, and hype is building slowly but surely.

The developers at Smilegate RPG and Amazon have provided a loose schedule for the content we can look forward to. This includes the highly anticipated Argos Abyssal Raid. This is one of the top entry level raids in the game, and many were looking forward to experiencing the raid in Lost Ark for the first time.

However, the problem is that almost no one can really do it.

The game was released with nearly all Level 1 and Level 2 content remains intact, so players can progress at a reasonable rate, while experiencing what the game has to offer and learning the fundamentals of the game as you progress. customary. Tier 3 happens at gearscore 1302, where the game starts to end “right” and everyone ends up eventually. Tier 3 has most of the content you’ll experience in Tiers 1 and 2; Guardian Raids, Chaos Dungeon, Daily Quests, World Bosses and Legion Raids.

Argos was released at gearscore 1370 causing a huge uproar in the community. So much so that even players in the Korean version of the game expressed concern about it.

So what’s the problem?

The first major problem is Level 3 honing materials (upgrades) are mostly scarce and hard to obtain. The biggest culprit for this is the lack of vertical progression support present in other versions, such as the Weekly Challenge Guardian Raid and the Weekly Challenge Dungeon, which offer a lot of loot. honing materials and other supporting items.

Second: The chance of honing on the chessboard is lower than other versions. In the Korean version of the game, the chances of honing are significantly higher than in our version, which greatly reduces what is considered a “dead zone” of upgrading at gears 1340 to 1370.

In the end: There’s simply not much to do do to progress in the said “dead zone”. You only have two guardian raids (Igrexion), your Chaos dungeon, and your two weekly Abyssal dungeons, and that’s it. For perspective, when you reach the end of Level 2, you have five Dungeons available to you and many islands to help you progress and advance. Almost no island offers level 3 material as of the time of this writing.

These three issues combine into a feeling of inaccessibility and prohibition in the general public, with many saying the Western version is leaning towards the “pay-to-win” side of things. Even if you practiced for many hours a day, it would be very difficult for you to hit the 1370 mark by the time the raid was even released. It is not a sustainable means of progression for those who want to see the end game.

Smilegate and Amazon have since released a “Message from the Group” post, address current issues, and discuss how they plan to solve them. They stated that they:

“… made the mistake of releasing the March game update too quickly after launch. The data we have analyzed with Smilegate RPG from their previous launches project that a large portion of players will reach the level needed to challenge Argos. However, we overlooked certain factors, such as players spending more time in side fights and the increasing price of honing materials due to bots and real money trading.”

The sequel reveals their plans for the future, including an additional bonus for the Arkesia Grand Prix to help sharpen. In addition, their plans will include a daily event guardian raid that will provide honing material, and Season 1 of the Competitive Proof Zone, which also offers a lot of honing material through a provider just to play the game mode.

These additions and changes can be a band-aid solution to an issue that might take longer to fix, but they help a lot. It is imperative that the transmission is as smooth as possible (up to a point) and that having reasonable means to actually access the content released in a timely manner is appropriate if they plan to make them available. I said content at fast speed. They did a lot in banning bots and dealing with compensation for overcrowded areasand next month will be a big help in preventing the current Level 3 problems.

The consequences of both deploying Argos too soon, and the resulting plans to change roadmaps and adjust content release schedules, are generally very good. While there are issues with the current state of the game and the way progress is handled, this accountability and transparency is something very refreshing to see. Of course, the next part is equally important, but this is a very good start in communication and addressing. With South Vern effectively confirmed in the next major update (but notably not the next raid along with it, as no mention of it was made), along with With a greater focus on vertical growth, the Lost Ark release that has exploded in the West will continue to grow.

Personally, I’m pleased with how the game has handled so far and having been stuck at around 1360 for quite some time, I can’t wait to really progress through Argos. I am cautiously optimistic that things will change for the better and am grateful for the transparency. I’m a bit surprised that Guardians of Challenge and Abyss of Challenge aren’t available at launch, but I definitely expect them to be deployed much sooner. It’s hard to meet the needs of today’s players, but there’s plenty of new content to look forward to. Argos Implications and Lost Ark Content in the Future

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