Arlee In Azeroth: In World of Warcraft, the pits await tier crafting

First off, I’d like to say that I wasn’t thrilled that animal sets were coming back. I’m happy that each class gets a unique look, which I missed in the last two raid tiers. However, trying to get two-part and four-part bonuses has never been fun for me. Sure, it’s great when you have the bonuses, but it always sucks to be unlucky and feel like you’re being held back because you’re unlucky on the RNG boss. This is a loot issue in general, but it’s a more important issue with animal sets in particular. So it’s not surprising that I wasn’t at all excited about the stage’s return. Unfortunately, every problem of the past with Tier still plays out just as badly as before.

Additionally, all of the typical tier issues are further complicated by personal loot, which is a system I like at its core. Tier makes the issues with personal loot more obvious. Personal loot requires a player to have a piece of animal in the slot they received in order to give it to someone else. It might seem strange that someone who doesn’t have a tier in a slot would want to give it to someone else, but the importance of getting the 2’s and 4’s always varies from spec to spec. Also, getting your first and third pieces is a lot less important than getting your second and fourth. Not having the ability to pass gear around will only accentuate all the negative aspects of the tier.

This time there is an issue with getting higher ilvl gear from Mythic+ dungeons but not being able to take them because there is a tier. Basically, I think higher ilvl gear should always be an upgrade. I know there are all sorts of exceptions to this for various reasons. Damn my gun Jotungeirr, Destiny’s Call will probably be better than most other guns for a while, just down to the point of usability. While this weapon is so much fun, it feels like a poor design when lower level gear is more impactful than higher level gear, especially when it comes to 20+ ilvls. It just feels bad.

I was thankful last week when my options in my vault were a 268 helmet and the rest were trinkets that weren’t good for me and the shoulders I already had. If I had had a tier in my raid slots I probably would have felt the need to take that in place of the rudder even though it would have been a lower ilvl because that would have gotten me my 2pc bonus. That just never feels good. Being “unlucky” in my treasury I was able to take the helm without feeling bad about it and I know I can build it into a stage in two weeks.

That’s what this is about. The ability to tier gear is tremendous, and quite frankly, it will solve and mitigate many of the issues I’ve addressed. Players wouldn’t feel like they had to carry lower ilvl gear just for the bonuses; You could craft the higher ilvl parts in tiers. Other players who are unlucky enough to not have anyone on their token to pass to them could also craft parts to fill in the missing parts they need. Which brings me to the obvious question: why do we have to wait another two weeks for this?


If there is concern that the influx of tier gear is too rapid, they could titrate the materials used in crafting so players can only craft a certain number per week. Or just limit how many can be made per week (which they do). Sure, I know people would complain about that too, but in this case, being able to do something about it is better than being unable to do anything. Knowing that this system is on the way but not yet available was just frustrating. Which doesn’t mean it should be kept secret. Knowing it’s on the way and being able to make strategic decisions based on it has been a blessing. Otherwise, we’d find ourselves in similar positions as with Legendaries going to 9.1; and that was just bad. But that’s another matter entirely and I’ll stay focused here.

Another possible reason for holding tier crafting is that it doesn’t affect RWF, which is a lousy reason. These players will always push any system to the limit to gain any advantage they can. So it’s foolish to deny others something just to give them one less lever to pull. If there are concerns about how RWF balancing and gearing affect these decisions, then it’s time to change RWF. Let all participants register in advance and get characters on private servers. Provide each standard character with gear and get rid of loot drops completely. In addition, everyone should be able to start working on the content at the same time and without regional delays. Make it a real race where it’s not about which region has an advantage or who can run the most splits, it’s about who plays the best and makes it.

However, if the future is forever tier sets, then we need mechanisms to influence their negative sides from the start. Don’t wait until a seemingly arbitrary date to make bad luck less bad. BTW, for those who don’t know, the Creation Catalyst will be available on April 12thth for NA/13. Aprilth for EU. Arlee In Azeroth: In World of Warcraft, the pits await tier crafting

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