As Aslan celebrates 40 years, Christy Dignam reveals he was on the verge of moving to Australia

As they celebrated their 40th anniversary together, Christy Dignam revealed he was on the verge of emigrating to Australia when Aslan hit the big time.

The 62-year-old singer-songwriter was on holiday in Sydney with her partner, Katherine, and loves the country.

“I was 21 years old when Kathryn and I made our first trip to Australia,” Christy told Sunday World. “I have an older sister who lives in Sydney, so we went on vacation together. We’ve been there for a month or two and we love it.

“I said, ‘What we’re going to do is, we’ll go back to Ireland and I’ll give Aslan a year. Then we will get married and we will go back to Australia, have our children and raise our family there. That was the plan and here we are 40 years later.”

Christy’s songs like This Is and Crazy World catapulted Aslan into a major force in the music scene.

Although the group split up due to his drug addiction, they later reformed and are still one of our favorite bands.

Rock legend Dignam, who has a rare form of cancer and has only six months to live in 2013, says how dependent he is on music for a positive approach to life.

“When that whole pandemic was going on and we weren’t performing, I was sitting in the house and I started to have a mental breakdown,” Christy said. “When I’m on stage, I banish all the demons and when I don’t, my head starts to melt. I have to go back to counseling, the pandemic is giving me a headache. Now that I’m back to performing, it’s amazing. During my first performance, the crowd was so loud, I couldn’t hear the band and didn’t know where to start the song.”

Looking back on the early days of his career, Christy admits he had no idea Crazy World would become one of their biggest hits ever. “The plan at the time was that you release your weakest single first and it goes to the bottom of the chart, then your second best song goes a little higher when it comes out and then Then you’ll come up with your best single. So it looks like you’re getting better all the time.

“We looked at three songs and decided Crazy World was the worst of the three, so we put it first and it became a hit. I thought, ‘If you like that, wait until you hear Rainman’, which I think is the best. But, of course, it was not so well received.

“Even today, and despite working for so long, I still don’t know what connects people. Now I see the appeal of Crazy World, but at the time I didn’t see it at all. In the end, it is the people who decide what will succeed.

“The number of people who have come to me over the years and said that song [Crazy World] got them through this or that, to me that’s better than a number one record. Just hearing those little stories about how it helped people get over whatever trauma they were going through at the time was the most amazing feeling.

“We were playing in Portlaoise recently and when we did things like Crazy World or This Is and the audience sang our songs back, there was nothing like it.

“It’s hard to achieve any form of success, but to keep it going, I’m proud of it. Of course, we broke up and got back together again, but in the end it was songs that have stood the test of time.

“Any young band that comes to me and asks for advice, I say to them, ‘It’s all about the songs, if you don’t have the song it’s the end of the story.”

Aslan recently appeared in a Virgin Media documentary that followed the band as they worked with the Red Cross to release a charity song for Ukraine.

The film follows Christy, Alan Downey, Joe Joel and Billy McGuinness as they gather members of the Ukrainian community in Ireland to record their classic song, This Is.

Christy said: “It took a week to do that and take their mind off the life and horror of what they had to go through for a few hours each day. “Even if that’s all we got from recording This Is with the Ukrainian choir, it’s still worth it.”

When talk turned to band member Billy McGuinness’ appearance on Dancing with the Stars, Christy joked, “When he came to us and said he’d been offered, I told him , ‘Billy that show is made for gobsh*tes, try it!’ He’s probably the worst dancer I’ve ever seen, but look, Billy has a great personality and he really is very interesting with that.”

ASLAN will perform at The Galmont, Galway, during race week on Saturday, July 30. As Aslan celebrates 40 years, Christy Dignam reveals he was on the verge of moving to Australia

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