As long as we still have a voice, we should declare debt and war

Ireland has six months left as a member of the powerful UN Security Council.

In times of senseless wars, man-made famines and droughts, Ireland can do little to convince the US, Russia and others
China should stop bleeding the world and causing chaos.

However, while we have a voice, Irish officials should call for immediate cancellation of all Third World debt with a foreclosure of arms shareholders’ assets so countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh can bail out their societies on the brink of collapse.

We should condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the complicity of the US and EU in the engineered war in Yemen and the ongoing rape of the African continent.

At least call it what it is – rich old men playing “Squid Game” with the lives of the young and now the life of the planet.

Eugene Tannam

Dublin 24

How can we minimize the risks on the rugby field?

“Silence! A man is risking his life here today,” announces – mostly unheard – mostly an older man, shortly before the bull is allowed into the arena.

Having recently watched the rugby international match between New Zealand and South Africa, I believe it is only a matter of time before there is a fatality in the sport.

Having played and been involved in rugby all my life I have no suggestions on how to minimize the risk.

Serious injuries are probably more likely in an accidental head collision and whilst we can see this happening in Gaelic games and football it is much more common in rugby. The huge size and excellent condition of the professional athlete is an exponential factor.

Michael Foley

Dublin 6

I will boycott this “over the top, obscene event.”

The start of the English Premiership season reminds us that for the first time ever it is being suspended to allow for the 2022 World Cup to be staged in November and December.

This over-the-top 32-country event takes place in a tiny country of less than three million people whose camel racing is more famous than its football.

Eight stadiums are used, almost all brand new, built at an unbelievable cost, and building them, along with the necessary infrastructure, killed more than 6,000 people.

After this event, at least one stadium will be dismantled for other uses and most of the seats in six others will be given or sold to other countries.

How could all this be allowed?

This author has no intention of watching any of the games and urges others to boycott this obscene event.

David Ryan

Co Meath

The office of our President must be above politics

While Ivana Bacik has her right to speak out for Ms Higgins (“No one would expect Sabina Higgins to leave her views outside the Áras”, Sunday independentAugust 7), with power comes responsibility.

As the figurehead of this state, Sabina Higgins’ husband holds the highest office that this country can bestow upon a citizen.

According to the constitution, the office should be above politics.

It follows that any public utterance within or in connection with the Áras must be preceded by a great deal of caution, as President Higgins is only too well aware.

Some in political circles like the Taoiseach might want us to move on, but since the wife of an incumbent president can expect her own spot on the president’s official website, what about a cousin, neighbor, or friend?

Stephen O’Hara

Carrowmore, Sligo

We must put an end to the cat and mouse war games

As China flexes its military muscles around Taiwan, the rest of the world seems content to simply point the finger.

It’s just like what happened before Russia started toying with Ukraine – like a cat with a mouse before terrorizing it.

Can’t we act more wisely before it’s too late and China repeats Russia’s treatment of its neighbor?

Leo Gormley

Dundalk Co. Louth

Could this Áras letter become a definitive business card?

After all the fuss (understatement) surrounding her letter, can you imagine that Ms. Higgins won’t be talking about Aras arís for some time?

Tom Gilsenan

Dublin 9 As long as we still have a voice, we should declare debt and war

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