Assault charges against Raiders player dropped for pushing photographers


KANSAS CITY, Missouri (AP) – Prosecutors dropped an assault charge filed against Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams last October after he pushed a photographer to the ground after a loss in Kansas City as he left the field.

The case, filed in Kansas City Municipal Court, was dismissed June 5, the Kansas City Star reported.

Adams’ attorney, JR Hobbs, declined to comment.

Police in Kansas City, Missouri, said Adams pushed Ryan Zebley to the ground as he ran off the field after the Raiders lost 30-29 to the Chiefs on Oct. 10. The police called it a “premeditated, obvious act”. caused whiplash, headache, and possibly a mild concussion.

Adams apologized to the media and later on Twitter in his post-game comments.

“He jumped off the field in front of me. I kind of pushed him. He went down,” Adams said after the game. “I want to apologize to him for that. It was just a mixture of frustration and the fact that he was just running in front of me.”

Zebley wore video equipment for a local production company that had a deal with ESPN to cover the game. He sued Adams, the Raiders and the Chiefs in May, saying he was targeted online and feared for his safety immediately after the incident.

The lawsuit, filed in Jackson County Circuit Court, is ongoing, the Kansas City Star reported.

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