Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20: Memories of the Future Review

There was always a split between Eren and Zeke. These two siblings have lived markedly different lives, but in “Memories of the Future,” it’s Zeke’s turn to explore how the contrast between their lives really is. Eren was not brainwashed and forced to use himself as a weapon as a child. In fact, he’s showered with love, friends, and all the perks of a normal existence that Zeke doesn’t have. It’s tragic considering that Zeke’s only real friend in his youth was Tom Ksaver, who also had to act as an active father figure for the boy.

Both Eren and Zeke come from different backgrounds, but they still come at the same time in their lives. The catch here is that Zeke has become a sympathetic character because of the path of destruction he has been led by Grisha, while Eren turns into a more callous and terrifying person because he is pushed to the point of this war on its own. All of this becomes even more complicated and incestuous when it comes to light that Grisha is not responsible for Eren’s decisions, but oddly enough, Eren is responsible for his father’s actions. .

“Memories of the Future” slowly turns into a thriller as Eren and Zeke visit their most important memory, Grisha’s execution of the Reiss family. This has been the catalyst for the generations of war that have consumed the series since its inception, so it was a huge shock to the system when Grisha chose not to kill people and actually not shed her head. It teases a future that won’t be lost in needless bloodshed, just because Eren was the one talking to his father to carry out these executions. Eren is responsible for all of this.

The irony in this episode is that Zeke’s aim is to convince Eren of the truth, only for it to open his own eyes. Eren is still a few steps ahead of his brother and he’s been pulling the strings for generations, even as it has gone through subconscious ripples over time. It hurts when Zeke believes that he finally understands his brother and has made an ally, but in reality, they have never been further apart. Eren turned from victim to abuser in seconds in front of Zeke’s eyes. It creates an abundance of momentum for what’s to come as these two brothers will inevitably be forced to take each other out. Eren’s observation that Zeke is still obsessed with Grisha and continues to act in response to him is also incredibly astute and demonstrates not only the different ways trauma lingers, but that cognitive freedom remains. can be a form of reactionary dependency.

These revelations make it difficult, but it’s a testament to Attack on the giants great character development that a sincere embrace between Zeke and Grisha evokes genuine emotions and becomes the highlight of the episode. These are characters the series has taught audiences to hate for years, and now it’s Eren who’s the clumsy interloper that ruins the emotional moment. The contrast between Eren and the Beast Titan’s first interaction, compared to where they are now, is astounding.

“Memories of the Future” is a fascinating movie Attack the giant episodes re-document the past in shocking ways. This emphasis on plot may leave aspirants to find out what’s to come in the War for the Paradis, but it’s necessary to answer these questions and connect the past with the future in a logical way as the lines increasingly blurred. Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20: Memories of the Future Review

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