Author Bridgerton details Penelope’s new romance and male nudity ahead of season 2

The impossibly colorful outfits, giant wigs and hairy glances through crowded ballrooms can mean only one thing – Bridgerton is back.

The entire second series will stream on Netflix this Friday, and with series one being the most watched show in Netflix history – with 82 million viewers – there’s plenty to watch.

One woman who knows more about Regent-era adventures than anyone else is novelist Julia Quinn, 52, who wrote the Bridgerton novels and is now a consultant on the show.

Here, she revealed all the secrets from the second episode of the series.

Forget Daphne and her Duke, it’s all about Anthony and Kate

The focus of the second series shifts to Daphne’s brother, Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey



Last time, it was all about Phoebe Dynevor’s shy Daphne and Rege-Jean Page’s dapper Duke Hastings.

But in the second series, the focus shifts to Anthony Bridgerton, Daphne’s brother, played by 33-year-old Jonathan Bailey.

He is thrust into a love triangle with two half-sisters – the hot-headed and independent Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley, who at the age of 26 is considered an “old maid”, and his younger sister). Edwina is younger, capable but serious.

Anthony feels more about Mr. Darcy than about him – especially when he emerges from the lake in a wet white shirt.

But will it be enough to make us forget about the despicable Duke?

Julia hopes Bridgerton fans will love the new main couple



“People will fall in love with them in a different way,” says Julia.

“I predict people will want a Kate Sharma action figure. She is amazing. She is fierce.

“And I think everyone who has been upset that the Duke is not coming back will always be sad but they will understand that.

“If we follow Daphne and Simon (Rege-Jean) as the main characters in season two, that means someone has messed up their happiness forever.

“We won’t kill one of them, they won’t deceive each other.”

Johnathan Bailey is the new Rhett Butler

Julia predicts Jonathan and the mischievous sparkle in his eyes will make many new admirers



Fans may go hot for Rege-Jean, but Julia predicts Jonathan and the naughty sparkle in his eyes will make many admirers equally, especially with his hot scenes with you actor Simone, 26 years old.

Julia said: “When I watch them, it reminds me of the old classic, Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. [from Gone with the Wind]people who aren’t very nice to each other and the sexual chemistry is just…”

She said of Jonathan, who has previously played roles in Broadchurch and W1A: “He’s lovely, he’s amazing.
I think everyone will love him. Johnny Bailey is very mischievous.

“I talked to a woman who said, ‘I know he’s gay, I still love him. And I said, ‘Well, what’s the difference in loving Rege? Both are equally unattainable! “

Jonathan thinks he’s more like Bridgerton’s boy, cheeky Gregory, in real life than ex-locust Anthony Anthony.

But Julia’s bad boys aren’t all that bad.

She said, “I was never able to write a true bad boy hero. “Maybe it’s because I’m married to the quintessential Mr Nice guy.”

It’s time for men to reveal their flesh

Bridgerton has been described as Netflix’s dullest show but, for Julia, it’s about different types of intimacy – and it’s the men, not the women, who are the most carnal.

“Usually, we see the female body as deprecated,” says Julia. But, she said in Bridgerton, viewers see some “man twirling” and women “drooling” over topless breasts, not women “regarded as some sort of sex symbol.” .

Julia explains: “Much of the gender depicted is not transactional.

“It has to do with love and feelings and emotions. It involves the pursuit of a happy life. “

Penelope WILL be lucky in love

Julia who lost Penelope too will have her own happiness forever after – finally



Penelope Featherington, played by Derry Girls’ Nicola Coughlan, is one of the most beloved characters, thanks to her secret identity as Lady Whistledown.

Julia said: “She totally knows who she is, but she just doesn’t know how to be that person and I think people really relate to that. “Plus, Nicola is the most interesting person on the planet.

“She was incredibly kind, funny and lovable. And everyone wants to be her friend.”

Julia who lost Penelope would have her own happiness forever – at last.

“Penelope and Colin Bridgerton… I don’t think that’s a huge trophy. I think we all knew it was going to happen,” she said.

Queen Charlotte’s wig is the show’s MVP

Queen Charlotte’s has proven so popular that she’s getting her own spin-off prequel. But the prospect of more scenes could weigh heavily on star Golda Rosheuvel – literally.

Julia said: ‘The wig was so heavy that Golda’s neck strained.

“They built her a special chair so she could lean back and lean back. She can’t take it off all day.”

The wig means Golda also gets a car with high bangs so she and all of her hair match

It can be said that the wardrobe department is extremely busy with creating outfits.

“I went in [the costume warehouse] and six are Team Daphne,” said Julia. “They had samples for 104 outfits.”

Rege-Jean for Bond

Rege-Jean has been introduced for the next James Bond


Image of the Press Association)

Rege-Jean Page’s name has been combined to become the next James Bond.

Julia said: “I would be very upset if he wasn’t. “He’s incredibly warm and kind and smart, but he’s also very handsome – he smiles and you melt.

“Some people are just so charismatic that it makes you think, ‘How do you get through life like that?’

Rege-Jean keeps in touch with Julia by texting. She said: “We met on set and I could have had a picture with him that I could have saved to my favorites folder.”

It’s fate

Bridgerton almost does not happen.

Shonda Rhimes, the US producer behind Grey’s Anatomy, was on vacation in 2017 when she ran out of books and picked up Bridgerton.

“I can’t overstate how her life changed when she ran out of books,” Julia said, adding: “The scripts are amazing. Easiest consulting job ever. ”

The year of the author’s death and success

Julia writes the book Bridgerton


Roberto Filho)

This should have been the best year of Bridgerton author Julia Quinn’s life.

But last June, her beloved father Stephen, 77, and sister Ariana, 37, were killed in a car crash in Utah, USA, after being hit by a delivery truck driven by a truck. A man driving a car claimed to be drinking and driving three times the limit for a hit-and-run.

Julia said: “My sister and father were both killed so it was a year of loss and abundance for me.”

Before the crash, Julia and cartoonist Ariana were working on a graphic novel that Julia had completed alone. It will premiere in the summer, dedicated to her father.

“I just really wanted to make sure this book was published as beautifully as Ariana deserves,” says Julia. That was my last love letter to her. “

“I can say I’m moving on and healing because now it’s such a joy to talk about it while it’s been so painful for a while,” said Julia, a mother of two who lives in Seattle.

Julia is married to Dr. Paul Pottinger, who specializes in infectious diseases and has worked during pandemics.

She said: “He was in the most miserable situations, while for me the most glorious things were happening every day.

“I’ll never get used to it.”

Julia was a guest at the Emirates Airline Literature Festival in Dubai. Visit

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