Avatar: The Way Of Water Review: I Just Want It To Stop When A Fog Of Boredom Covers Me

Avatar: The Way Of Water (12A, 192 minutes)

mention the word ‘Avatar’ and the person standing next to you is more likely to have their eyes fixed on the sky.

Why? After all, David Cameron’s epic is the most successful movie of all time in terms of money, grossing almost $3 billion and breaking records set by Cameron himself. Titanic.

It played in cinemas for months until the end of 2009/10 and seemed to offer a real breakthrough in the visual capabilities of the medium.

And yet, if you ask anyone what happened in there, there are only blank stares all around. What’s truly remarkable is how little long-term cultural impact the film has had, and Cameron’s tenacious plan to make this sequel (and two sequels!) met with grueling resignation. tired in the industry, where it was assumed that prolonging this unpopular series would only lead to even more tedious consequences.

Anyway, here it is, just 13 years later, is Avatar 2, and what do we get? tedious, and a lot of it.

For reasons he knows best himself, Cameron has abandoned the USP of the original film, a virtual alien body that allows 22nd-century paraplegic U.S. Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) Discover the wonders of the tropical moon Pandora.

In water path, His human body was gone. He completely lives in his avatar and is very comfortable at home.

Falling in love with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), the daughter of a Na’vi chieftain, Jake has settled in the woods and even has a number of blue children, four of them, children who are not always rebellious. responded kindly to his military parenting style. .

However, they all do well. “Happiness is simple,” Jake said, uttering the first of a long series of tasteless congratulations.

But happiness is also fragile, and one night, Jake and Neytiri see a “new star” in the sky, which turns out to be a group of giant human spaceships, one of which contains a villain. Jake’s old nemesis, Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang).

But wait a minute, I hear you – didn’t Jake kill him at the end of the last movie? I’m impressed when you remember that (I’m sure I don’t), but the evil imperial name Quaritch has been recreated as an avatar containing the memories and victorious personality of the Colonel.

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The Way Of Water falls into monotonous blue

Now 10 ft tall and attractive sky blue, Quaritch ran to the ground and sent his squad of crack marines into the woods to find Jake and kill him.

As Quaritch begins to burn the forest, Jake and Neytiri flee their home and head south to Pandora’s ocean, where they seek refuge with the Metkayina, a reef-dwelling people who have learned to live in harmony. with the sea.

The new arrivals of the Na’vi were not widely welcomed and one of Jake’s sons began a half-hearted feud with the cocky child of the local chief. One of his daughters turns out to be a type of whispering fish, and his other son forms a relationship with a giant whale-like creature, the language of which he learned to speak.

When he asked the whale why it was abandoned by its own kind, the creature groaned in agony and, through the subtitles, mumbled: “It’s so painful.” Yes.

But in the meantime, Quaritch is still grinding his teeth in the woods and will find his family sooner or later.

The plot is simple, but Cameron and his co-writers spent 192 minutes and approximately $400 million on it. To see it, one has to grudgingly put on old 3D glasses, though Cameron seems to be the only one still desperately clinging to that outdated and deeply disappointing technology.

The visual effects that combine animation and motion capture, and especially the underwater shots, are very effective.

But there is an eerie, bluish resemblance to the whole thing that, as the hours go by, starts to make one a little nauseous, as if you were stranded on a ferry in high water.

Cameron’s story is seasoned with the usual mix of lazy pseudo-environmentalism and high-minded imperialism critiques, though the director spends more time slapping the dark spots. his own most successful work in a playful way — many opinions agree. alien, Titaniceven Abyss.

It’s watchable – there’s a kind of story, but I can’t describe to you the drowsy mist of boredom that invaded me as I watched. And in the end, I just want it to stop. I don’t care how, I just want it to stop.

Although inferior in most respects, Avatar the movies are a bit like David Lean’s late epics that Pauline Kael used to love showing pristine cinematic surfaces with nothing much underneath – no humanity, no real drama and no humour.

Sitting in a movie theater for three hours without laughing is bad for the soul – let’s say I’m corroded.

Rating: Two stars

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