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Working on an essay takes an immense amount of effort and determination. These lengthy write-ups require another level of commitment. Even then, students often rush through papers and find themselves struggling with grades. You should always avoid some common mistakes while working on such tasks.

Too Many Arguments

You might be thinking that many arguments make a paper strong. But think again: is it truly the case? Let’s put things into perspective for you. Imagine going over a task in which you are bombarded with arguments one after the other. It happens so much that you forget what the previous discussion was about. You don’t even know how they are all linked to the paper.

Try to keep it all as straightforward as possible. Take one or two arguments and elaborate on them, provide evidence to support your claim, and proceed. That way, you will save your own time too and only have to research a few critical points instead of turning your paper into a word jumble.

Don’t worry if you feel like a rapidly approaching deadline and don’t have enough expertise yet. You can reach out to an efficient and reliable online writing company and ask them to write my essay for me. It is a great way to relax your mind and get rid of too much workload.

No Thesis

A thesis statement is crucial for a paper. When you work on an introductory paragraph, guess what the reader is looking for? The purpose of the entire essay. There is only one thing that contains the purpose and everything else summarized into a sentence: the thesis statement!

Readers might not state it explicitly, but subconsciously, they all try to find the thesis statement in an introduction to ensure that going ahead with this paper will not waste their time.

Since the thesis is so essential, here is the perfect way to write one:

  • Be concise, don’t ramble on for pages about it;
  • Make sure the structure is correct;
  • Write the purpose of the entire passage;
  • Work on the thesis statement after finishing your paper, so you don’t deviate too much.

Messing up the thesis statement is one of the most regrettable essay mistakes out there. It costs you too much time and effort and ruins your grades. Therefore, the wiser choice would be to write a thesis statement carefully instead of brushing it off your shoulder.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

When we talk about common essay mistakes, grammar and spelling errors are always on the list. Sometimes international students find it too challenging to cope with a new language. English seems easy, but specific grammar rules can turn your world upside down when writing. In such situations, students feel like they are crumbling under pressure. So, how should you avoid grammar mistakes? Proofreading can do wonders for you here. Read your essay thoroughly before you submit your work. That way, you can refine the passage and also correct your mistakes. Moreover, focusing on specific grammar rules can be beneficial because you won’t repeat the same mistakes twice if you stay focused.

Another thing that can help you out is an online software like Grammarly, where you can automatically correct your grammar. It also informs you about the underlying causes for that mistake and highlights the error before you fix it. All these tricks can throw away as many grammar problems from your paper as possible.


When we talk about essay mistakes to avoid, repetition falls on top of the list. Repeating content will fill the words. However, it takes away all the value from your essay. It will leave your paper looking like a vague word puzzle where you wouldn’t know where the content is headed.

Repetition can get severely penalized, so make sure you do your research correctly. You can find much content online that will add value to your paper, and you won’t have to go around looking for ways to meet the word limit. Research can take some time, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort because it will help you enhance the quality of your writing.

If you want to impress your instructor, make sure every paragraph has something new to offer, and every sentence is packed with high-quality content. All the teachers are looking for quality, so make sure you have that to offer. Nothing kills a good paper the way repetition does.


You might have heard this phrase in the negative sense a zillion times. Plagiarism is never appreciated in the world of writing. The more you copy, the less your credibility is. There are many plagiarism detectors to ensure the work is authentic. If you have it beyond a certain percentage, the teacher will dump your essay in the trash, and you will not get any marks. There are many essay writing mistakes, but plagiarism weighs above it all.

Make sure you write everything on your own. Even if you have an urge to copy something from somewhere other than a referenced source or citation, make sure you paraphrase it into your own words and make sure it helps support your claim.

If you want to avoid plagiarism, you must have a strong understanding of the topic and top-notch research skills to find everything that can help you write a paper yourself.

Neglecting Professors’ Instructions

Instructions are a part of the question for a reason. The professor’s instructions play a crucial role in any written task. They can guide you through thick and thin and prevent confusion. What most students do is that they rush through the instructions file and forget what it even said. Later on, they find themselves confused and go around seeking help from others.

There is no harm in seeking help; however, you must always take care of basics like reading the question yourself because it contains information about the topic and all essential instructions. An essay with errors is never the right path to take.

Go for the one with proper instructions and follow them. Don’t worry; the instructions are pretty straightforward, and you can follow them without facing any challenges. If you don’t understand anything, in particular, you can always seek clarity from the instructor or their assistants. They will help you turn your writing skills around and get an outstanding grade.


A little bit of practice and a few shortcuts to avoid mistakes is all it takes to save marks! It will take you some time to get the hang of it all; however, you’ll fall in love with its written tasks once you understand it all.

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